15 November 2007

what i'm loving today

This Signette party dress from Bluefly ($165). ONCE AGAIN, too bad I won't be attending any holiday parties.

This Marc by Marc colorblock bag at Shopbop ($348). I have been looking for a bag that doesn't look like every other bag out there, and this is very me.

Kate Bosworth in this dress:

The girl can do no wrong. Check out the back:

Finally, 3 Muskateers Mint Bars:

Great, I have a new candy obsession. I am a huge fan of anything mint-chocolate. Peppermint patties are too minty, but these are just perfect. Too perfect.


WendyB said...

I love the Kate Bosworth dress! I would totally wear that.

Sage said...

at first i saw the pic.(Of KAte) and thought you posted it because you liked it..and then i read what you had written and i was like thank GOd!!luv your blog ..want to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

kate was fugged by the gofugyourself girls for that very same outfit.

Christine said...

sorry to disappoint, but I DO like Kate's outfit. I said that she can do NO wrong, I happen to love her and think she pulls off this quirky look effortlessly.

I saw that! They always rag on Kate, even though I think she looks great 99.9% of the time.