26 June 2008

if you want to keep your faith in humanity...

don't click here. It's already too late for me.

Why would anyone let this girl near a microphone/drawing board/camera is beyond me.

Found through fashionista.

update:the song is effing stuck in my head. today sucks.

possibly irrational things that I want to do because of Lily Allen's adorableness:

1. Wear a kicky romper

2. Dye my hair hot pink

3. Start smoking

Ok, maybe I'll just settle for getting some more bangs and wearing lots of skirts. And an inconspicuous streak of pink.


I just love her! Lily, we should totally be friends! I am not creepy..!!


I am a bad blogger.
I am moving across the country in 2 weeks and have no place to live yet.
My thighs may just never be a size 2, not matter how much I run.
Even though it is a bangin' deal, I still cannot afford to buy this perfect Marc by Marc dress:

But you can buy it here. sniff.

But, if I work hard enough for the next 3 years, buying Marc by Marc dresses to my heart's delight should be no problem at all...and that is a small comfort.