25 June 2009

michael jackson

Some of my favorite MJ songs...Beat It and Billie Jean. I thought the Billie Jean video was the coolest thing ever made- the light up squares! His music is timeless, I'll be listening to it forever.

almost summer

The end is in sight...I turn in a paper tomorrow, and I have only a few days left until my summer school finals are over. Just in time, the weather finally turned warm. It was ridiculously cold here (50's and rainy) up until a couple days ago...madness! My mood has been crappy, and just to add to it I haven't worked out in a week and that just always makes me feel gross.

Ready for biking...baseball games...lots of sun...fireworks...can't wait for summer to start

17 June 2009

as if you needed another reason...

I have been sitting in a courtroom a lot lately as part of my internship. I see a lot of prisoners come in for their hearings. Some of the local jails issue Crocs for their inmates...enough said.

08 June 2009

the pros and cons of dogs


sometimes you have to walk in the rain & cold

it is harder to plan vacations


everything else.

business casual

Summer school is rough. It's like regular, hard school plus throw in an internship to eat more of your time. My wardrobe needs to be more versatile too. I have to sit in class and be comfortable, walk to the bus and the train, walk around downtown, and look appropriate in court. I am really having to mix things up since I can't buy anything new for my summer closet rolling rack. One of my "hits" so far:
vintage silk shirt, DI. tulip skirt, Kenzie. gold flats, Target.

I found these brontosaurus earrings in a box of my old stuff when I was visiting home.

And, do I even have to tell you what my mood is like considering it's JUNE and today it was 50 degrees and rainy? Didn't think so.

01 June 2009

case of the mondays?

Today = me sulking. Grades came out for last semester and I did awful, there are tons of problems with my summer financial aid so I have no $$ for bills, and summer school is really hard.

To cheer myself, here is Leighton Meester looking hot at last night's MTV awards. She is really setting herself up to be a fashion idol of mine!

That is one sexy dress.
Dress- Emilio De La Morena, Shoes- Brian Atwood

I also came across this gem while reading Perez, which helps me feel a little better about myself. It makes me think, hey, at least I am self-aware.

Spencer's 1st Rap Video.

I love how his entourage consists of Heidi, and a snake.