26 May 2007


As my finances are not looking likely to multiply in the near future, I have been reevaluating my ability to look stylish. It is somewhat despairing to fall in love with $600 shoes but then wake up every morning to a choice of shoes that cost between $2.99 (beach flip flops) and $90. Also, lately I have resented almost everything in my closet, so it is time to simplify. It really hit me hard when I was recently watching an episode of my favorite, "What Not to Wear". Clinton held up a huge stack of crap clothes from one girl's personal closet and said, "for this pile of crappy, cheap clothes, you could have one great cashmere sweater." He picked up another stack- "This could be a great-fitting, tailored pair of pants", and so on. It really made me think. I have a closet full of Forever 21, Target, and some items thrown in just because they were on sale. Some of this is because I needed something specific to wear yet couldn't afford to spend more than $30. But now I realize, this is no way to live! I am going to work harder to not spend money unless I have enough to buy something high quality and useful.

Especially since I plan on going back to grad school, I think I need to make my wardrobe very basic and interchangeable. No one will notice that you don't have a different shirt on every single day, as long as you always look great and comfortable with yourself. Back in high school I got stuck in the "more more more" mentality, and for some reason I got hooked on the habit of not repeating an outfit for at least 3 weeks. The problem with that is, your favorite clothes don't get worn as often, and you end up wearing less-than-cute outfits just because you don't want to repeat. Well, now I want to totally reverse that ideal and make sure I look good everyday, rather than just looking different everyday.

One celebrity known for always sticking to the classics (and always looking amazing) is Angelina Jolie.

If dressing simple is good enough for Angelina, it is definitely enough for me!

Angelina pictures taken from Teddy & Moo's

25 May 2007

a trend too far

Dance inspired shoe trends have been popular lately. When ballet shoes first came out en masse, I wasn't a big fan. Flat, squat-toed shoes are not the most flattering on my athletic-built calves. I did find one pair that I wear often, but I prefer to stick to pointier shoes if they're flat. I was even more wary of jazz shoes when they arrived. I always hated how they looked, even when I was 12 years old in my jazz dance class. They have grown on me, and they no longer come just from Capezio in nude or black. These metallic shoes from Urban Outfitters actually go very nicely with simple, basic-colored outfits.

An even newer shoe I've seen recently is not strictly dance-inspired, but they are just a step too far for me. they are menswear-inspired, but for the sake of this post I'll also say that they are also inspired by tap shoes!
Ok, what kind of normal girl could pull these off? You'd have to be nearing 6 feet tall & somewhat androgynous to pull off these extreme menswear wingtips. I am just waiting to see if these new shoes will gain as much popularity as the ballet flat or even the jazz shoe.

crazy wingtips also from Urban Outfitters..available in lace up or slip on!

24 May 2007

Saw Shrek last night...

...and all I kept thinking about was how his vest looks exactly like the one I saw by Patrick Robinson for Target. The vest didn't work on polyvore.com, so this is as close as I could get. It wouldn't be hard to dress like Shrek!

22 May 2007

beach time!

Tomorrow is going to be my first beach day of the summer, and I can't wait. I live about an hour's drive to the beach, so I can't go every afternoon, but it is easy enough to spend free days there. Here are some items that every girl should have in her beach bag.

1)say it with me now...sunscreen. My favorite (and I was a lifeguard for years, so I have experienced a LOT of sunscreens) is good ol Coppertone. I use their new continuous spray waterproof lotion on my body and their Faces on my, well, face! I have found them both to be good and most importantly, the Faces has never made me break out. I also like to add a thin layer of cheap Australian Gold gel with bronzer over my sunscreen. It gives your skin a nice glow while you're on the sand.
I have to admit that I love a tan. And not a PC tan, but a real sun tan. I have tried all kinds of self-tanners but none give me that nice golden look that the sun can. And I have never found an adequate sunless tanner for my face. I always wear sunscreen, but until I can afford the $25 per Mystic Tan, I will have to get my summer look with the help of the sun.

2)2 towels! Take one big towel to lay on, and another to dry off with. It is nice to keep one un-sandy!

Missoni anyone?

Okay, Lands' End is cute too

3)Thin-frame sunglasses. Thick frames leave yucky tan lines, but you don't want to leave your eyes unprotected. Aviators are perfect for the job.

urban outfitters, marc by marc, & marc jacobs (both at bluebee.com)

3)After your fun, your post-beach smoothie, and showering to get the sand out of your hair, you need to replenish your skin after all that salt and sun. (and unfortunately, you might have to soothe a sunburn too). The very best thing I've ever found for post-sun skin is Sun Butter from Basin. It is so creamy and smells good, but most importantly, it makes your skin hydrated, smooth, and can prevent peeling if you remember to apply it everyday. I used to work at the store that sells this (so I might be biased!), but so many people came in to buy this and so many people swear by it. I got a pretty bad sunburn last summer, and this stuff took away the redness within a day and really soothes sore skin (it contains aloe).

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to go to the beach this summer. There is nothing more peaceful to me than floating in the salty water and getting some invigorating sunlight. To me, it's almost as good as a day at the spa.

20 May 2007

shoe of the day

Chloe triple strap shoe at net-a-porter

I have been semi-obsessed with these shoes since I saw them on Kate Bosworth. Since she has perfect tiny legs, they probably would make most other girls' legs look a little stumpy. Of course, that would not stop me from buying them if I had the chance!

photo from Teddy & Moo's

planning ahead

I have been doing a lot of contemplating my future. What to do, what to do...grad school? law school? corporate world? Well I needed to take a break and look at my future with a FASHION angle! Unfortunately, my college/walking around campus wardrobe was pretty basic (read: boooring) and would most likely carry over into my post-graduate endeavors.

Between student loans and rent, I don't have much money to truly indulge my love of beautiful clothing.
So if I choose the law school route, I have this kind of fun to look forward to:

I would not practice criminal law, so no need for stuffy courtroom shoes!
And if grad school is the answer, hellooo Capitol Hill!

...or maybe even a PhD:

So basically I have no idea what I want to do with my life...except shop.

12 May 2007

a little late, but...

The past few days have consisted of job searching, polyvore.com, and ogling the pictures from the Met Poiret Gala. I know that they are posted everywhere but I just have to put my favorite looks and favorite people here.

Kate Bosworth is one of my all-time favorite Hollywood people. She looks beautiful in Prada and definitely evokes the era of Poiret.

What a gorgeous, classy couple. Emily Blunt looking elegant in Calvin Klein.

Mischa Barton is mature and refreshing in Giambattista Valli. She has great taste when she's not rocking the diaper-jeans!

Johnny isn't looking so cute wearing Britney's hand-me-down boots, but Kirsten is wearing another great '20's look from YSL. I know this showed up on some worst-dressed lists, but she pulls is off and you know you'd love to wear something this outrageous if you had a chance.

photos of Kate & Emily from fashion.elle.com/blog, Mischa & Kirsten from fashion.verbatim

10 May 2007

a frightening sight

Heaven help us, these shorts are sold out. What does this mean? It means that there are hundreds of girls running around out there wearing these shorts. They don't even flatter the model, I am scared to think of what they look like on anyone wearing above a size 2...with so many pairs of shorts sold, I'm sure I'm bound to run across someone wearing these things.

high-waisted, buttoned, corset-ish shorts from urban outfitters

07 May 2007

hair lust

I have to admit I've always been a fan of Cameron Diaz. She seems fun, easygoing, and she is a gorgeous glamazon. After I first saw The Sweetest Thing, I watched it a million times over and wished I could be her friend. When I first saw her new hair color on Couture Bowl, I had to see more pictures. It looks really great. I might have to use it for inspiration, as I am due for a cut & color, like, now. I have been debating whether to go blonder or darker...and Cameron looks so good here that she may have answered my question!

photo from A Socialite's Life


Ugh. This was as the worst shopping day I can remember. So much anticipation, so much letdown! The outlets were a bust. Completely crowded, completely picked over. I spent about 2 hours there and all I have to show is 2 pairs of running shorts from Adidas. I thought going to Target to see Patrick Robinson would make me feel better. Not so. I was so disappointed by the line. They had one dress (pictured below) left, and it was my size, so I thought it was destiny. Not so--it feels like heavy, stiff burlap and fits like a potato sack. The linen vest looks cheesy with its ugly, poorly sewn buttons.
The cute looking bubble skirt Was completely shapeless and not at all bubble-y. Some of the blouses and pants were totally see-through and flimsy. I tried on this swimsuit and loved it- great fit, great drape, cute knot detailing. I looked closer and the fabric was already worn out where the hanger clips had gripped it...and it had only been on the sales floor for 1 day. I couldn't believe how cheaply everything had been made. It seems like even Mossimo clothing has better quality than this stuff.
So, I didn't get a shopping pick me up that I had hoped for today. I will just keep saving up my money until I can get the really good stuff...a shopping trip to Neiman's & Nordstrom!

06 May 2007

back on the east coast

Hellooo! I'm back in Florida safe and sound, the land of hurricanes, land of heat & humidity, land of tourists, and I couldn't be happier! I already did some heavy shopping over the weekend, but it was a little disappointing. Everything I had planned on buying was sold out. I was looking forward to getting dresses at Zara (sold out), Anthropologie (sold out of all sizes except 0), and Urban Outfitters (I didn't recognize much from the website in the store). My sister picked up an adorable dress at Betsey Johnson, but unfortunately I didn't have $400 to drop on a dress that I have no event for right now. But no worries, I have another big shopping day planned for tomorrow...the outlets! Barney's New York, Adriano Goldschmied, Banana Republic, French Connection, Ann Taylor, Armani, Dior, BCBG, La Perla and more I can't even remember...ahhhh I am especially looking forward to Barney's.
I also have need to check out the Patrick Robinson collection at Target. I checked out the website and they still have all sizes in stock. They haven't released all the pieces I liked from the lookbook, but here are 2 that I'm hoping they have in store tomorrow:

Everyone I know loves that dress but I want it anyway, and that vest would be cute for making a plain t-shirt & jeans day more interesting.
Anyway now that I'm somewhat settled, I am going to try and post more frequently. I still don't have my own computer back so hopefully my parents won't get too mad if I save a ton of pictures on their computer for a little while. Now, I must go rest for my big day of shopping & styling.

02 May 2007

move your body

Well I am officially unemployed, my gym membership is finally cancelled after doing everything short of getting a signed letter from the President saying that yes, I am in fact moving more than 25 miles away from your stupid fitness center, and I am mostly somewhat packed. I am leaving tomorrow on a flight back to Florida, and the rest of my stuff (a boy, a dog, and our furniture) is coming in a week. I am going back early so I can see my good friend get married. I am a fairly frequet flyer, so I feel like I've got the proper plane attire down. You should always dress for comfort, and your toes will get cold if you wear sandals, but I still like to look a little cute because airports are such places of opportunity...you never know what cute/interesting/famous people you might interact with there. I think for my 5+ hour flight tomorrow, this is what I have chosen:

A simple black dress (with pockets) from Target. It actually has a great neckline for layering tees underneath, plus I'm taking a cropped jacket because I ALWAYS freeze on airplanes. I'm going to add some opaque leggings underneath and for shoes, some flat argyle print slip-ons in the style of keds.

So here are my decidedly non-expert tips on traveling for next time you fly:

  • You are going to be sitting for a loooong time. Make sure you are comfortable or time will pass very slowly (comfort to me is when my pants will not ride down! Hence the leggings!) This may sound odd but don't forget to wear comfortable earrings. You know you have some pairs that irritate your ears, some posts that are long and dig into your head behind your ears, or hoops that don't stay closed. These become huge annoyances when you're trying to get in a comfortable position for a nap.

  • Smell nice, but don't wear strong perfume. You will feel more confident and everyone around you will appreciate it too. I spray my hair with some yummy coconut-scented Frederic Fekkai leave-in conditioner, put on some extra deodorant, and wear my favorite moisturizer, Basin body butter in sesame cream(it has a really light, nutty/sweet scent)

  • Wear real shoes. I made the mistake of wearing comfy flip flops on a plane once, and it was pure misery! The air was blowing on my poor toes the whole time.

  • Check the TSA's website for a continuously-updated list of prohibited carry-ons. Ever since the ban on liquids happened last year, the standards are changing. Right now, your liquids have to be in containers 3 oz or less, and have to be in zip-locked plastic bags. Which brings me to another point...

  • Drink tons of water. I used to bring that hugest size of Smart Water until this liquids ban. I get so thirsty up in that artificial air, I have to drink a ton. There is nothing worse than landing at your destination with a headache because you're dehydrated. Now I'll have to make time to stop at a post-security shop to get some water before I board...those little plastic cups of water from the flight attendants just aren't enough for me!

  • Bring fluff reading material. I used to try and do homework or read complicated books on planes, but I am always so fidgety that I just can't concentrate. This time I saved Gossip Girl #11 just to read during the flight..perfect!

  • Take a baggie with some snacks. The in-flight snacks are usually so fattening (and not even yummy) that I try to bring my own. I like to snack on Wheat Thins, Zone bars or Terra chips.

  • Pack a light carry-on. Reading material, snacks, wallet, cell, makeup, and keys are just about all you'll need. It sucks to lug around an overflowing backpack and dig through it to find your boarding pass.

I really don't like anything about moving/traveling...packing, waiting, flying, waiting some more, unpacking. All the fun for me comes in being somewhere new! I am especially excited for my huge shopping spree that will happen this weekend...just in time for Patrick Robinson's Target collection! We may not have TopShop & Kate, but good ol Target will be enough for me this weekend.