02 May 2007

move your body

Well I am officially unemployed, my gym membership is finally cancelled after doing everything short of getting a signed letter from the President saying that yes, I am in fact moving more than 25 miles away from your stupid fitness center, and I am mostly somewhat packed. I am leaving tomorrow on a flight back to Florida, and the rest of my stuff (a boy, a dog, and our furniture) is coming in a week. I am going back early so I can see my good friend get married. I am a fairly frequet flyer, so I feel like I've got the proper plane attire down. You should always dress for comfort, and your toes will get cold if you wear sandals, but I still like to look a little cute because airports are such places of opportunity...you never know what cute/interesting/famous people you might interact with there. I think for my 5+ hour flight tomorrow, this is what I have chosen:

A simple black dress (with pockets) from Target. It actually has a great neckline for layering tees underneath, plus I'm taking a cropped jacket because I ALWAYS freeze on airplanes. I'm going to add some opaque leggings underneath and for shoes, some flat argyle print slip-ons in the style of keds.

So here are my decidedly non-expert tips on traveling for next time you fly:

  • You are going to be sitting for a loooong time. Make sure you are comfortable or time will pass very slowly (comfort to me is when my pants will not ride down! Hence the leggings!) This may sound odd but don't forget to wear comfortable earrings. You know you have some pairs that irritate your ears, some posts that are long and dig into your head behind your ears, or hoops that don't stay closed. These become huge annoyances when you're trying to get in a comfortable position for a nap.

  • Smell nice, but don't wear strong perfume. You will feel more confident and everyone around you will appreciate it too. I spray my hair with some yummy coconut-scented Frederic Fekkai leave-in conditioner, put on some extra deodorant, and wear my favorite moisturizer, Basin body butter in sesame cream(it has a really light, nutty/sweet scent)

  • Wear real shoes. I made the mistake of wearing comfy flip flops on a plane once, and it was pure misery! The air was blowing on my poor toes the whole time.

  • Check the TSA's website for a continuously-updated list of prohibited carry-ons. Ever since the ban on liquids happened last year, the standards are changing. Right now, your liquids have to be in containers 3 oz or less, and have to be in zip-locked plastic bags. Which brings me to another point...

  • Drink tons of water. I used to bring that hugest size of Smart Water until this liquids ban. I get so thirsty up in that artificial air, I have to drink a ton. There is nothing worse than landing at your destination with a headache because you're dehydrated. Now I'll have to make time to stop at a post-security shop to get some water before I board...those little plastic cups of water from the flight attendants just aren't enough for me!

  • Bring fluff reading material. I used to try and do homework or read complicated books on planes, but I am always so fidgety that I just can't concentrate. This time I saved Gossip Girl #11 just to read during the flight..perfect!

  • Take a baggie with some snacks. The in-flight snacks are usually so fattening (and not even yummy) that I try to bring my own. I like to snack on Wheat Thins, Zone bars or Terra chips.

  • Pack a light carry-on. Reading material, snacks, wallet, cell, makeup, and keys are just about all you'll need. It sucks to lug around an overflowing backpack and dig through it to find your boarding pass.

I really don't like anything about moving/traveling...packing, waiting, flying, waiting some more, unpacking. All the fun for me comes in being somewhere new! I am especially excited for my huge shopping spree that will happen this weekend...just in time for Patrick Robinson's Target collection! We may not have TopShop & Kate, but good ol Target will be enough for me this weekend.

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