06 May 2007

back on the east coast

Hellooo! I'm back in Florida safe and sound, the land of hurricanes, land of heat & humidity, land of tourists, and I couldn't be happier! I already did some heavy shopping over the weekend, but it was a little disappointing. Everything I had planned on buying was sold out. I was looking forward to getting dresses at Zara (sold out), Anthropologie (sold out of all sizes except 0), and Urban Outfitters (I didn't recognize much from the website in the store). My sister picked up an adorable dress at Betsey Johnson, but unfortunately I didn't have $400 to drop on a dress that I have no event for right now. But no worries, I have another big shopping day planned for tomorrow...the outlets! Barney's New York, Adriano Goldschmied, Banana Republic, French Connection, Ann Taylor, Armani, Dior, BCBG, La Perla and more I can't even remember...ahhhh I am especially looking forward to Barney's.
I also have need to check out the Patrick Robinson collection at Target. I checked out the website and they still have all sizes in stock. They haven't released all the pieces I liked from the lookbook, but here are 2 that I'm hoping they have in store tomorrow:

Everyone I know loves that dress but I want it anyway, and that vest would be cute for making a plain t-shirt & jeans day more interesting.
Anyway now that I'm somewhat settled, I am going to try and post more frequently. I still don't have my own computer back so hopefully my parents won't get too mad if I save a ton of pictures on their computer for a little while. Now, I must go rest for my big day of shopping & styling.

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