26 May 2007


As my finances are not looking likely to multiply in the near future, I have been reevaluating my ability to look stylish. It is somewhat despairing to fall in love with $600 shoes but then wake up every morning to a choice of shoes that cost between $2.99 (beach flip flops) and $90. Also, lately I have resented almost everything in my closet, so it is time to simplify. It really hit me hard when I was recently watching an episode of my favorite, "What Not to Wear". Clinton held up a huge stack of crap clothes from one girl's personal closet and said, "for this pile of crappy, cheap clothes, you could have one great cashmere sweater." He picked up another stack- "This could be a great-fitting, tailored pair of pants", and so on. It really made me think. I have a closet full of Forever 21, Target, and some items thrown in just because they were on sale. Some of this is because I needed something specific to wear yet couldn't afford to spend more than $30. But now I realize, this is no way to live! I am going to work harder to not spend money unless I have enough to buy something high quality and useful.

Especially since I plan on going back to grad school, I think I need to make my wardrobe very basic and interchangeable. No one will notice that you don't have a different shirt on every single day, as long as you always look great and comfortable with yourself. Back in high school I got stuck in the "more more more" mentality, and for some reason I got hooked on the habit of not repeating an outfit for at least 3 weeks. The problem with that is, your favorite clothes don't get worn as often, and you end up wearing less-than-cute outfits just because you don't want to repeat. Well, now I want to totally reverse that ideal and make sure I look good everyday, rather than just looking different everyday.

One celebrity known for always sticking to the classics (and always looking amazing) is Angelina Jolie.

If dressing simple is good enough for Angelina, it is definitely enough for me!

Angelina pictures taken from Teddy & Moo's


Candid Cool said...

I went through a similar phase while I was in college. And I started by going for classic pieces.

Sales at Banana Republic & Club Monaco is a good place to start for knits. And they are interesting enough to not be boring. And I bought A LOT of t-shirts, esp. black.

Once I got that foundation of basics or as Susie Bubble once referred to it as "base layers" I began to add more "unique" pieces.

Good luck & have fun!

Christina and Emily said...

I was checking back for updates, and I realised I hadn't commented on this post, although I meant to! I just wanted to say...I feel like you are me. And also my sister. Which is a good thing, IMO! Because I've had the same thought as you (re: quality vs quantity) but have always abandoned it in favour of more cheap and colourful things. And also you suffer from the same disorder as Christina (PGD) and have a very similar name!
Anyway, just wanted to say, love the blog. This post especially really resonated with me! :)