04 June 2007

good ol' navy

Sorry for the lack of posting and the general un-enthusiasm toward fashion lately. It's because I cannot find a job! It is hard to think back on all the hours and torment I spent making sure I got a good GPA in college, and nobody wants to hire me for more than $7.50 an hour. But I digress.

I watched the MTV movie awards tonight in my unemployed boredom for some cheap entertainment. Sarah Silverman was ok, and WOW did she come down hard on Paris Hilton- it was hilarious. The whole crowd was cracking up and they zoomed in on Paris' face, who was giving Sarah the death stare. Classic.

There was a fair share of AWFUL dresses:

Wow, Heidi. No better way to show off the new bazongas then to wear lingerie from Frederick's...and stand next to Spencer/douche/Kewpie doll.

And Victoria...seriously? I love some Posh, I am a die hard Spice Girls fan 4 LIFE, and I can usually look past her poky-nipple-puckered-lips crazy fashion choices, but this? This pleather zebra with a bubble gum bra showing (if you look at the close-up, you can see that it is indeed a separate bra underneath)? She has all the beautiful clothing in the world within her reach, yet she chose to borrow this dress from a Vegas Strip walker.

Something else fun to see was the Old Navy commercial that played throughout the show. It previewed their fall collection, and while some of it is a little played out (colored skinny denim anyone?) some of it made me very excited.

click here to see the ad.
Their trench coat and Mike & Chris style hoodie are definitely appealing. I am a fan of Old Navy for basics, and they seem to be ever-improving. I remember the days when all Old Navy had to offer was American Flag tees and ill-fitting denim shorts.

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Christina and Emily said...

Ooh, I'm excited by the old navy ad now too! Kind of hard to tell for sure, but I'm intrigued by the short coat and the dresses.
Also, totally concurr about poor Heidi. I blame Spencer.