28 June 2007


Holy crap, the past week & a half have been such a rollercoaster. I lost the job that I had for a week. It was just a freak kinda thing, it just so happened that I came in right as the investors/owners were going to pull the plug. Luckily, there is a family friend that I have worked for on & off for a couple years that is giving me as many hours as possible, but it's all so stressful!

So I'll go ahead and do the 7 random facts quiz.

1. I have done a few triathlons, and they are so fun. I like running the best, though, so that's what I'm focusing on now.

2. Even though I live in Central Florida, I still enjoy all the theme parks and always have a great time when I go there.

3. My life plan was always to become a lawyer, and my dad is still pushing for it, but I truly have no idea what to do with my life.

4. I am a vegetarian, and I am for many reasons. I still eat dairy for now, but I try to eat as little as possible.

5. I hate yoga! I have tried every kind out there, but I just don't find it enjoyable at all. I do love pilates though.

6. I have played the piano since I was 8, and I love to play classical music.

7. The places I want to visit most are France, Italy, Greece, the UK, & Sweden.

I don't think anyone really reads this, so if you do, you should post this tag! I love being nosy!

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