07 June 2007


Tomorrow I finally have an interview...my first after a month of resume-sending and job-applying! I am excited but have no idea what to expect. It is my first interview in a professional professional environment. It is a law firm in a skyscraper downtown. I was an intern with the Public Defender, but that was more casual and organized through my academic adviser...this time, it is me going at it alone! I have to admit, my professional wardrobe is very limited. I have a few pieces, but my legal internship was only 2 days a week, and my last office job was VERY casual. My nice basics have been worn to death. I know Winona over at Daddy Likey just had a this post about job interviews in warm weather, so we all know what we should wear. But I don't know what I'm actually going to wear! I don't have a suit, and I have been resisting getting one until I know if I will need one often.
At this point, my very favorite dress pants are Express Editor pants. They fit well, and my Luxury Stretch pair is basically wrinkle-proof. They are my go-to "nice" pants. I have a couple button ups and I will most likely pair one with a cardigan, even though it's supposed to be over 90 degrees tomorrow....meaning, I'd much rather be laying on the beach, but I suppose finding a job is still mildly important.

Gotta make the money before I can shop!


Jessica Hoffmann said...

Good luck Christine!

I completely relate - I just graduated, went to my first interview, landed the job... but now I'm stuck not having as much professional clothes that I need & since I just started - no money to buy any! Ah, the life of an entry-level.

I wish you the best! Let us know how it goes.

Candid Cool said...

Express was my 1st real summer job many a moon ago, and I still have some of my luxury stretch editors, they last a pretty long time.

I agree, they are go-to nice pants.

Also suggest Zara if you are maybe looking for a suit (under $200 for pants & jacket), I think the quality is better than what Express has now