30 June 2007

comfort style

Tourists are notorious for bad taste in clothing. Think frumpy moms with baggy jean shorts, oversized tees, fanny packs, visors, tube socks and white athletic shoes. This is the uniform I encounter day in and day out because of my job, located right smack in Disney World central. As we all know, being a mom and/or being on vacation does not mean you don't have to care what you look like.

Tonight at work I saw a surprising number of well-dressed tourists. Most of them were European, no surprise there. I saw the cutest middle-aged lady wearing patent peeptoe kitten heels, cropped pants, and a light blouse. It was perfect for the occasion: evening shopping in warm weather. She was a stark contrast to the hordes or frumpiness around her. I don't know why being on vacation gives some women the free pass to dress awfully. Why not wear what you would wear on a special occasion back at home? Isn't vacation an excuse to wear your favorite clothes? I know that "comfort" is often the excuse, to dress for a full day of walking and heat. But comfort does NOT have to mean ugly. You should feel comfortable in every piece of clothing you own, or what's the point in owning it?

Personally, i like to take my nice clothes on vacation because it's a special time and I like to celebrate by wearing great clothes. Right now, we are lucky to have so many loose & flowing silhouettes in style. I wish I could hand out fliers to all the women who come into the store looking like they gave up! there are so many option for hot weather, comfort clothing!

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Candid Cool said...

yes, certain tourists (and the locals too) take it as a free pass to frumpy when they come (or move) to FL.

I always can spot when someone isn't from FL, they're well dressed.

I like the outfit you put together & the shades are awesome!