19 June 2007

birthday shopping scents

Ugh, there is nothing on TV. Where is a good Degrassi marathon when you need one? I guess a millionth-time rerun of Sex & the City will be my background for birthday shopping for my sister. The little lamb turns 19 this weekend and since I'm technically employed now, I suppose I will have to get her something better than flowers! She loves clothes as much as I do, even though she looks so much better in everything, since she is tiny. She loves Betsey Johnson but I probably can't afford a cute party dress for her right now. It is fun to browse for her, but I think I will just end up getting Betsey's perfume. have you seen it?

It smells perfect, too. Kind of a cross between Burberry Brit & Pink Sugar, with some spice. Even though I will end up buying it online, it is only because I have actually smelled it in person. I don't understand how people can browse/shop for perfumes online. Obviously some people do, or else they wouldn't have the elaborate (B.S.) descriptions. Can anyone name this perfume:

"top notes: Tangerine, Plum, Cloves, Coriander, Carnation. Embodies enchantment, mystery, and magic."

Anyone. Anyone? Oh yeah, that would be YSL Opium, the strongest of old-lady perfumes ever made. Tangerine and plum? Sounds lovely, but it actually smells like being squished next to my grandma at church and her perfume is so strong and overwhelming that I get a headache.

Here's one I've never had the pleasure of smelling:

"top notes: Raspberries, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Violet, Lily Of The Valley, Iris, Freesia Petals, White Rose, Climbing Ylang Ylang, Tahitian Vanilla, Egyptian Sandalwood, Multifaceted Skin Musk, Blonde Woods Accord"

wait a minute...multifaceted skin musk?? I don't know what that is but it sounds like animal cruelty. Oh, I see...this is the description of Paris Hilton: Just Me. It all makes sense now.

So what are your favorite scents? I happen to love smelling like baked goods- Pink Sugar, Sud Pacifique Vanille, or anything fruity. According to Sephora, every fragrance I've ever purchased is in the Oriental family- whatever that means. Luckily my sister has almost identical scent taste (yeah, that doesn't make sense) so she will like Betsey Johnson, too.

Next, I am thinking of venturing into the unknown world of the "fresh citrus" category for Ferragamo Incanto. Nothing too hasty though. Every time I choose a new perfume, I have to go into a store and try it on at least 3 times to see how I like it as it wears throughout the day. Smelling good is that important, and it can take months to come to a new decision. Incanto is in testing stage 2, so we'll see :)


Couture Bowl said...

You've been tagged!

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Candid Cool said...

I can't do floral scents they give me a headache. Esp. the "old perfume" like opium, pure poison, and No. 5.

I too like the "baked" smells. I love any and all things that smell of Vanilla.

Kasmira said...

I like a few foodie smells (wearing Pink Sugar right now and also own Petite Cherie, by Annick Goutal) but my all-time love is white flower perfumes: Michael by Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Annick Goutal's jasmine scent, Fracas. I also (ashamedly) admit to still liking Escape and secretly plotting to get a bottle.