16 June 2007

my favorite people: cameron diaz

I just had to add to the href="http://jezebel.com/gossip/sitting-pretty/note-to-self-to-look-consistently-gorgeous-break-up-with-boyfriend-and-change-time-zones-daily-268862.php">post put up by Jezebel yesterday. Cameron really has been looking gorgeous lately, and continues to be one of the only actresses I can stand to read about. She never has much publicized drama, she is happy and glowing and athletic, and she just seems like a lot of fun, right? I love that she can equally rock the Chanel and Billabong. I guess it helps that her body is just plain amazing.


...and otherwise

Fitting in equally well in Paris and Malibu,

At Coachella & in Europe

This girl just never looks bad...and I actually don't hate her for it!

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Emma said...

fab blog. exchange links?