03 February 2010


dress & cardigan from Target
boots from Chinese Laundry

Going: to class and then work later.

I have worn this dress a lot since I bought it last year. It looks good with sandals and tights/boots too, although I would much rather it be warm enough to lose the cardigan! For work, I have to do a lot of housework, errands, and also a lot of driving in the car, so I like to wear really comfortable clothes.

01 February 2010

finally february

So excited to see my iCal switch over to February 1. January is so hard for me to get through. February is just short enough that it seems manageable, so welcome!

today's manicure: Essie Mint Candy Apple. I searched since summertime for a minty green polish. When I saw this polish appear online a couple months ago, I ordered it immediately! This light green is my favorite color ever. The polish itself is a little goopy/thick but I have done about 7 manis with it already. Worth it.
that's me in the black with pink goggles!
Snowboarding! I am getting a little more confident every time. This weekend was a little icy for my taste/skill level, but it is still fun to get out to the beautiful mountain.

pesto tofu scramble, yum I also have made this, my new favorite recipe twice in the past 4 days. I found it on a great new (to me) blog, The Hungry Desi. Recipe here. I made mine with tons of mushrooms, extra cherry tomatoes and tons of garlic. I really hate cooking in my tiny kitchen but this dish is easy and lasts for 2 full meals!

So this week will be pretty lame. I have to write a brief for moot court, among my other usual heavy workload. I am desperately trying to find an affordable ticket to go home for a dear friend's baby shower this weekend, but it is not looking good. $500+ just for a 2-night trip home? Ouch.

Happy February!!!