11 October 2008

hey hey fall break

Today after all my classes, research, and a long walk home, fall break finally began.

Dress, F21
Coat, Old Navy
Leggings, generic
Boots, Target

...now-noticeably-filthy mirror, ikea

The dress is a lame/tired trapeze shape, but looks a lot better with the coat on top. And I would highly recommend these boots, which I wore for the first time today. I put them on at 7:30 this morning and wore them up through my mile walk home without a single pinch.
After I made some pumpkin cookie bars and pumpkin bread, my only other big plans for break include sleeping in and doing lots more research!

10 October 2008

wearing today...outfit catch-up

I committed myself to take pictures of my outfits every day, and have succeeded at about 20% so far. Oops. And funny enough, I just happened to document the (only!) 3 days that I wore jeans!

Confession: I still like Kenley. Yes, she talks too much sometimes, but I love her style, her clothes, and she's been my favorite from the beginning. I wore my headband the day after Kenley wore hers...when she got totally torn apart and snipped at Heidi.
Headband, F21
Beaded shirt, Urban
Jeans Levi's
Shoes Urban
Jacket Old Navy

Sweater, Target
Tee, I'm Your Present
Jeans, F21
Brocade flats, F21

Today...Blazer, Savers
Blouse, Express
Jeans, Express
Booties, Report

I think this is the last day I'll be able to get away with not wearing a coat. It is getting so chilly. I am not prepared!

01 October 2008

am I just crazy??

...or are these pants actually really great?

I can't decide.