30 June 2007

j. jumpsuit

Since it is always warm where I live, I like to find seasonless pieces that I can wear all year. This J.Crew jumpsuit looks simply adorable.

Is it only cute because it's on a model's perfect body? Would wearing it it real life just make me a fashion victim? I can ponder these answers while I wait for this to go on sale!

girl crush

I have to admit, I used to love Hollywood gossip. I used to read US Weekly and check the gossip sites everyday. But in the past year, I grew so tired of reading that crap that I don't even pay attention anymore. I still check socialitelife.com every day, but I just scan to see if there is anything about Spice Girls (ha), or my favorite "alternative" girls. These are the girls like Kirsten Dunst, Kate Bosworth, and Zooey Deschanel who don't get photographed drunk or acting stupid or looking trashy or whatever, but who have great style and are great actresses and genuinely interesting to me.

My latest girl crush is on Zooey Deschanel, and it grew stronger after finally reading the latest issue of Jane with her on the cover. I love that she's goofy and doesn't look like anyone else, yet always looks amazing. Seeing how well she went from blonde to brunette makes me want to dye my hair!

If you haven't yet, go get the June/July issue of Jane. It finally gives us an actress worth reading about!

comfort style

Tourists are notorious for bad taste in clothing. Think frumpy moms with baggy jean shorts, oversized tees, fanny packs, visors, tube socks and white athletic shoes. This is the uniform I encounter day in and day out because of my job, located right smack in Disney World central. As we all know, being a mom and/or being on vacation does not mean you don't have to care what you look like.

Tonight at work I saw a surprising number of well-dressed tourists. Most of them were European, no surprise there. I saw the cutest middle-aged lady wearing patent peeptoe kitten heels, cropped pants, and a light blouse. It was perfect for the occasion: evening shopping in warm weather. She was a stark contrast to the hordes or frumpiness around her. I don't know why being on vacation gives some women the free pass to dress awfully. Why not wear what you would wear on a special occasion back at home? Isn't vacation an excuse to wear your favorite clothes? I know that "comfort" is often the excuse, to dress for a full day of walking and heat. But comfort does NOT have to mean ugly. You should feel comfortable in every piece of clothing you own, or what's the point in owning it?

Personally, i like to take my nice clothes on vacation because it's a special time and I like to celebrate by wearing great clothes. Right now, we are lucky to have so many loose & flowing silhouettes in style. I wish I could hand out fliers to all the women who come into the store looking like they gave up! there are so many option for hot weather, comfort clothing!

28 June 2007


Holy crap, the past week & a half have been such a rollercoaster. I lost the job that I had for a week. It was just a freak kinda thing, it just so happened that I came in right as the investors/owners were going to pull the plug. Luckily, there is a family friend that I have worked for on & off for a couple years that is giving me as many hours as possible, but it's all so stressful!

So I'll go ahead and do the 7 random facts quiz.

1. I have done a few triathlons, and they are so fun. I like running the best, though, so that's what I'm focusing on now.

2. Even though I live in Central Florida, I still enjoy all the theme parks and always have a great time when I go there.

3. My life plan was always to become a lawyer, and my dad is still pushing for it, but I truly have no idea what to do with my life.

4. I am a vegetarian, and I am for many reasons. I still eat dairy for now, but I try to eat as little as possible.

5. I hate yoga! I have tried every kind out there, but I just don't find it enjoyable at all. I do love pilates though.

6. I have played the piano since I was 8, and I love to play classical music.

7. The places I want to visit most are France, Italy, Greece, the UK, & Sweden.

I don't think anyone really reads this, so if you do, you should post this tag! I love being nosy!

19 June 2007

birthday shopping scents

Ugh, there is nothing on TV. Where is a good Degrassi marathon when you need one? I guess a millionth-time rerun of Sex & the City will be my background for birthday shopping for my sister. The little lamb turns 19 this weekend and since I'm technically employed now, I suppose I will have to get her something better than flowers! She loves clothes as much as I do, even though she looks so much better in everything, since she is tiny. She loves Betsey Johnson but I probably can't afford a cute party dress for her right now. It is fun to browse for her, but I think I will just end up getting Betsey's perfume. have you seen it?

It smells perfect, too. Kind of a cross between Burberry Brit & Pink Sugar, with some spice. Even though I will end up buying it online, it is only because I have actually smelled it in person. I don't understand how people can browse/shop for perfumes online. Obviously some people do, or else they wouldn't have the elaborate (B.S.) descriptions. Can anyone name this perfume:

"top notes: Tangerine, Plum, Cloves, Coriander, Carnation. Embodies enchantment, mystery, and magic."

Anyone. Anyone? Oh yeah, that would be YSL Opium, the strongest of old-lady perfumes ever made. Tangerine and plum? Sounds lovely, but it actually smells like being squished next to my grandma at church and her perfume is so strong and overwhelming that I get a headache.

Here's one I've never had the pleasure of smelling:

"top notes: Raspberries, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Violet, Lily Of The Valley, Iris, Freesia Petals, White Rose, Climbing Ylang Ylang, Tahitian Vanilla, Egyptian Sandalwood, Multifaceted Skin Musk, Blonde Woods Accord"

wait a minute...multifaceted skin musk?? I don't know what that is but it sounds like animal cruelty. Oh, I see...this is the description of Paris Hilton: Just Me. It all makes sense now.

So what are your favorite scents? I happen to love smelling like baked goods- Pink Sugar, Sud Pacifique Vanille, or anything fruity. According to Sephora, every fragrance I've ever purchased is in the Oriental family- whatever that means. Luckily my sister has almost identical scent taste (yeah, that doesn't make sense) so she will like Betsey Johnson, too.

Next, I am thinking of venturing into the unknown world of the "fresh citrus" category for Ferragamo Incanto. Nothing too hasty though. Every time I choose a new perfume, I have to go into a store and try it on at least 3 times to see how I like it as it wears throughout the day. Smelling good is that important, and it can take months to come to a new decision. Incanto is in testing stage 2, so we'll see :)


I should totally be going to sleep right now, seeing as I have to get up at the inhumane hour of 4:40 (you know, that time when you wake up in the middle of a deep sleep and go "oh thank goodness I still have a few hours left to sleep). I don't know if any job is good enough to start at 5:30 in the morning, unless you got free designer shoes or something. But I definitely do not. I get free donuts, which is like, the opposite of designer shoes. Or something.

Today was my first day at work, and my man's first day at his new job. He called me after his shift telling me about his day, and then casually says "Oh yeah, I also met & helped Tommy Hilfiger." Wow. While I was um, counting donuts, he was talking to a legendary American designer who just had a much-anticipated return to runway. He was also (possibly) talking to his gorgeous daughter Ally (actually, my man didn't know who Ally is and so couldn't tell me, after much begging, if she was in Tommy's entourage). I loved Ally in that show Rich Girls, but I was kind of relieved that he didn't recognize her. Because how do you look at glamorous Ally Hilfiger all day and then come home to me, covered in donut jelly?

Anyway, I went back and looked at Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 07 collection and got very excited. I am definitely going to wear yellow shoes with grey/black tights. Love it.

can someone please tell me where to get a pair of long, red leather gloves??

images from style.com

16 June 2007

my favorite people: cameron diaz

I just had to add to the href="http://jezebel.com/gossip/sitting-pretty/note-to-self-to-look-consistently-gorgeous-break-up-with-boyfriend-and-change-time-zones-daily-268862.php">post put up by Jezebel yesterday. Cameron really has been looking gorgeous lately, and continues to be one of the only actresses I can stand to read about. She never has much publicized drama, she is happy and glowing and athletic, and she just seems like a lot of fun, right? I love that she can equally rock the Chanel and Billabong. I guess it helps that her body is just plain amazing.


...and otherwise

Fitting in equally well in Paris and Malibu,

At Coachella & in Europe

This girl just never looks bad...and I actually don't hate her for it!

15 June 2007


So, I'm feeling a lot better. I accepted a job, which is good because:
a)I will be getting a regular paycheck
b)It does not require much of a commute
c)I will be working under my own direction

It is also bad because:
a)It is 5 days a week, starting at 5 AM
b)I am sooo not a morning person.

So, I am pretty scared by this prospect and fully expect to hate it after like, 3 days. I guess the good thing is that my day is done at 1 pm, and I will have time to do errands or whatever. My unemployment-induced stress has made me care less about fashion temporarily, but I am back! Fashion to follow!

09 June 2007


So the interview went....nowhere. (But I looked cute! Black pants, white 3/4 sleeve button up, black tank worn as a vest). And it wasn't even a bad interview, it was just pointless. It was painfully obvious the whole time that the partner interviewing me had not even glanced at my resume'. The only reason they talked to me at all is because my dad does business with them. They didn't have any openings, and even if they did, I am under qualified. They may have an opening as a file clerk in about 3 months. *sigh* It looks as if I will have to go back to my old retail job and find another one on the side...until something real materializes.

First off, of course my joblessness is at the worst possible timing...I am of course referring to the Net-a-Porter sale extravaganza. Extravaganza! That word alone makes me want to spend money. My heart almost broke when I saw that my favorite shoes in the whole world are on sale (but still far out of my budget considering I haven't made a dime in over a month). But seriously, go look at their sale. Their selection of flats on sale is amazing. Does anyone know how often they have these extravaganzas? Hopefully this will happen again in my lifetime!

So, back to grim reality. On the way home from my faux interview I had to stop and have some (very limited) retail therapy to fend off the frustration. Bath & Body Works is having their big semi-whatever sale...perfect. They have really gotten better lately, with a huge variety of products and brands. Their old-school scents kinda make me gag, freesia and sun-ripened raspberry being the big 2 that remind me of junior high. In 7th and 8th grade, I always ended up somehow having gym 1st period. What a nightmare. We had to run around and get sweaty, but we weren't allowed to shower. So I always carried a big bottle of freesia body splash to try and make it through the day without smelling as bad as I surely looked. Anyway, I have really liked a lot of Bath & Body's True Blue Spa products, and they have a new line called "Savannah Bee" that is really nice. It looks like a rip-off of Burt's Bees, but that's ok because I like it even better than Burt's. I got the mint julep body wash and tupelo honey lip balm. They are amazing, just the thing to cheer me up! The body wash is so yummy and refreshing, especially when it's 92 degrees with 80% humidity. The lip balm smells so good. I put it on before bed, and when I work up my lips still smelled/tasted like honey. If anyone is in need of some new lip balm or bath products, check these out...everything is 50% off right now. Not exactly an even trade for the Net-a-Porter sale, but I love it!

07 June 2007


Tomorrow I finally have an interview...my first after a month of resume-sending and job-applying! I am excited but have no idea what to expect. It is my first interview in a professional professional environment. It is a law firm in a skyscraper downtown. I was an intern with the Public Defender, but that was more casual and organized through my academic adviser...this time, it is me going at it alone! I have to admit, my professional wardrobe is very limited. I have a few pieces, but my legal internship was only 2 days a week, and my last office job was VERY casual. My nice basics have been worn to death. I know Winona over at Daddy Likey just had a this post about job interviews in warm weather, so we all know what we should wear. But I don't know what I'm actually going to wear! I don't have a suit, and I have been resisting getting one until I know if I will need one often.
At this point, my very favorite dress pants are Express Editor pants. They fit well, and my Luxury Stretch pair is basically wrinkle-proof. They are my go-to "nice" pants. I have a couple button ups and I will most likely pair one with a cardigan, even though it's supposed to be over 90 degrees tomorrow....meaning, I'd much rather be laying on the beach, but I suppose finding a job is still mildly important.

Gotta make the money before I can shop!

04 June 2007

good ol' navy

Sorry for the lack of posting and the general un-enthusiasm toward fashion lately. It's because I cannot find a job! It is hard to think back on all the hours and torment I spent making sure I got a good GPA in college, and nobody wants to hire me for more than $7.50 an hour. But I digress.

I watched the MTV movie awards tonight in my unemployed boredom for some cheap entertainment. Sarah Silverman was ok, and WOW did she come down hard on Paris Hilton- it was hilarious. The whole crowd was cracking up and they zoomed in on Paris' face, who was giving Sarah the death stare. Classic.

There was a fair share of AWFUL dresses:

Wow, Heidi. No better way to show off the new bazongas then to wear lingerie from Frederick's...and stand next to Spencer/douche/Kewpie doll.

And Victoria...seriously? I love some Posh, I am a die hard Spice Girls fan 4 LIFE, and I can usually look past her poky-nipple-puckered-lips crazy fashion choices, but this? This pleather zebra with a bubble gum bra showing (if you look at the close-up, you can see that it is indeed a separate bra underneath)? She has all the beautiful clothing in the world within her reach, yet she chose to borrow this dress from a Vegas Strip walker.

Something else fun to see was the Old Navy commercial that played throughout the show. It previewed their fall collection, and while some of it is a little played out (colored skinny denim anyone?) some of it made me very excited.

click here to see the ad.
Their trench coat and Mike & Chris style hoodie are definitely appealing. I am a fan of Old Navy for basics, and they seem to be ever-improving. I remember the days when all Old Navy had to offer was American Flag tees and ill-fitting denim shorts.