29 July 2008

brands are creeping in

Creeping into my consciousness, that is. I am pretty good at staying away from sites where I know I can't afford the vast majority of items, like net-a-porter, Saks, Bergdorf's, Barney's, etc. I'll catch those gorgeous wares when they pop up on blogs of the well-to-do or in magazines, but I don't deliberately search them out. This way, I am not quite as tortured with completely unattainable images bombarding my consciousness. Shopbop's clothing has always been in the upper ranges of my downsized fantasies, but sometimes they have things that are affordable to me. But lately, they keep on adding more and more expensive brands to the point where I can't visit their site without a mini sartorial crisis.
"AHHHH why do I only fall for the most expensive things!? I will never be able to fully express my style because everything I can afford is cheap and ugly! I might as well just wear a sweatsuit everyday for the rest of my life!!"
Ok, deep breath, and everything's fine.
This might have happened to me this morning when an email from Shopbop announced the arrival of Alexander Wang to their collection of brands, and the arrival of a new beautiful dress into my mind.

Unfortunately, unless the dress goes on sale for oh, about 95% off, I will never see it in person.
here for $796.
Oh Shopbop, you now have Elizabeth & James, See by Chloe, Jovovich-Hawk, the "designer boutique," and now Alexander Wang. You are just becoming a little Net-a-Porter Jr., aren't you!

Well, it continues to be so hot here that I just want to lay around in my underwear anyway. I was NEVER this hot in Florida! I am barely being kept alive by 2 small fans, and then our power went out and that was the longest night of my life. Tomorrow I'm excited because I'll be doing a little freelance-babysitting in (in my opinion) the poshest hotel in the city, which includes a gorgeous pool. That little bugger better LOVE to swim!!

26 July 2008

half back

The internet is back, baby. I have been sweating it out in a tiny apartment with no a/c...so literally, sweating! A questionable neighborhood, a kitchen that smells like something died in it, a shower so small that shaving my legs has become an acrobatic endeavor and I literally can't turn in a circle inside of it, there is no room for a kitchen table... but, they allow dogs and I'm right downtown so I'm trying to love it.

it may look cute with its fresh yellow paint, just be glad my camera can't capture smells...also, I didn't know they made 1/2 dishwashers!

In the past week of being unemployed with no cable/internet, I got a chance to enjoy some great local tv channels. At least that included Price is Right in the mornings. I noticed this girl's shirt during the showcase showdown and it took me a second to figure out what's wrong

No, it doesn't say "eighties baby," which would make sense. Instead: "eightys baby".

Even considering my many summers in Florida, I have never been this hot. It makes it hard to care what I'm wearing when the 10-minute walk to the grocery store leaves me with sweat stains and matted bangs. I think I'm actually looking forward to cooler weather for once in my life!

18 July 2008

cut off

We're finally here in the mountains after more than 2,000 miles of driving, lots of RockStar drinks, truck stops, and boredom. But, our internet is not going to be installed until next week. I feel so isolated!

Did you know that you have to pay for Starbucks wi-fi now? lame.

08 July 2008

my summertime songs

Yes, the seven songs of summer. I know these will always remind me of my last summer of freedom before law school, a stuffy career and all that.

Tristan Prettyman- Smoke
M.I.A.- Paper Planes
Madonna- Give it 2 Me (the whole Hard Candy album, really, it's my go-to running music)
She & Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
The Pierces- Three Wishes
Paramore- That's What You Get
Fatboy Slim- Rockefeller Skank (just because it's gotten me through so many hot, long, summer runs)

07 July 2008

lily & marc

I hope everyone's 4th was great. I personally spent the day packing all my personal belongings and watching an Alfred Hitchcock marathon on tv. No complaints! I'm getting close to the end of my time here if Florida, so I had to make sure and go to my favorite hairdresser of all time before I leave. When I got home, I opened Jezebel to see that my girl Lily got the same 'do on the same day.

I promise I'm not just a creepy fangirl, I've been debating bangs-or-not for quite a while now. I like it, and now that straight-irons exist, I'm sure my bangs won't be the disaster they were in 7th grade when I had huge, thick bangs that curled up in the humidity on my way to the bus stop and never, ever looked good. Seriously- the day I got my first CHI iron, my life was changed.

And, earlier, I stumbled upon a huge sale during my last pilgrimage to the Neiman Marcus outlet. If only I wasn't trying to pinch every penny, I would have gone crazy. I scooped one Marc by Marc sweater for $43, and tried on a fabulous dress. I thought it was fate- 100% silk with lace arms/yoke, with a small bowtie at the neck. It was a size 2, which I'm really not, but I had to try it on since it was only $76. It totally fit! I was going to justify it but I just didn't like how the skirt hung from the bodice. The seaming was a little lumpy. Even though it was a great deal and quite beautiful, fit is the most important thing, and I wouldn't wear it much.

the dress that almost was.

I will sure miss the abundance of outlet shopping here!

05 July 2008

oh yes.

I just found this, hallelujah. I can't wait til August 19:

pre-order here.

I have been in a GG-related depression ever since I recently finished reading the Gossip Girl prequel "It Had to be You." It was extremely emotional (shut up) because I knew it was the last Blair/Serena Gossip Girl book. Ever. *sigh* I don't know why I became so obsessed with these characters but at least I know I'm not alone! I just know these dvds will keep me sane when I'm stuck studying for hours every day this fall.