26 July 2008

half back

The internet is back, baby. I have been sweating it out in a tiny apartment with no a/c...so literally, sweating! A questionable neighborhood, a kitchen that smells like something died in it, a shower so small that shaving my legs has become an acrobatic endeavor and I literally can't turn in a circle inside of it, there is no room for a kitchen table... but, they allow dogs and I'm right downtown so I'm trying to love it.

it may look cute with its fresh yellow paint, just be glad my camera can't capture smells...also, I didn't know they made 1/2 dishwashers!

In the past week of being unemployed with no cable/internet, I got a chance to enjoy some great local tv channels. At least that included Price is Right in the mornings. I noticed this girl's shirt during the showcase showdown and it took me a second to figure out what's wrong

No, it doesn't say "eighties baby," which would make sense. Instead: "eightys baby".

Even considering my many summers in Florida, I have never been this hot. It makes it hard to care what I'm wearing when the 10-minute walk to the grocery store leaves me with sweat stains and matted bangs. I think I'm actually looking forward to cooler weather for once in my life!