30 November 2007

oh, eva!

I am breaking out of my horrible work-and-LSAT-induced silence for a much needed break, and to share my love of the painfully gorgeous Eva Green.

She just oozes glamour at the London premiere for The Golden Compass. I have never seen someone pull off a floor-length, all-black, pale-skinned, red-lipped ensemble without looking goth, and definitely not looking so beautiful that I don't even feel like a woman compared to her (I'm looking at you, Dita Von T. Sorry, I just cannot get behind her--her whole schtick is not my style in the least).

Only she could distract me from Daniel Craig's beauty as Vesper Lynd, of course, in Casino Royale. When they share the screen, I can't decide who to focus on.

Back to reality--I have exactly 31.5 hours until the LSAT. This is the only time I'm thankful that my crappy job is cutting my hours- I will take all the time off in the world until this is over.

20 November 2007

really, now. really.

I had the whole weekend off for a romantic anniversary rendezvous that included lounging, eating great food and even an unexpected, very cool gift (this + a beautiful chunky chain). Unfortunately, it did not allow for much LSAT study time. **T-minus 11 days**--I am flipping out. I really, really need to spend every free waking hour studying. Really. I need to stop reading blogs, stop shopping, put running on the back burner, & stop doing everything else until this is over & done!

My last shopping experience for these 2 weeks happened today when I walked over to SuperTarget for my lunch break. I had almost completely forgotten about Erin Fetherston's debut this past Sunday. I guess I'm pretty disillusioned by the GO! International lines after numerous disappointments. Her dresses are cute, but I'm not in the market for cutesy ruffled/babydoll/chiffon dresses. I tried on some pants that fit poorly and the only thing left that interests me is this:

On Target's website, a reviewer called this top "too costumey". Perfect! I hate wearing things that everyone else is wearing. At only $19.99, I'll order it online and take my chances.

Sorry, but I'm hoping this is my last post until at least December 2nd. I will leave you with a hilarious video (an homage to my inexplicable & intense love for Andy Samberg):

Happy Thanksgiving!!

15 November 2007

what i'm loving today

This Signette party dress from Bluefly ($165). ONCE AGAIN, too bad I won't be attending any holiday parties.

This Marc by Marc colorblock bag at Shopbop ($348). I have been looking for a bag that doesn't look like every other bag out there, and this is very me.

Kate Bosworth in this dress:

The girl can do no wrong. Check out the back:

Finally, 3 Muskateers Mint Bars:

Great, I have a new candy obsession. I am a huge fan of anything mint-chocolate. Peppermint patties are too minty, but these are just perfect. Too perfect.

life's too short to wear a bad outfit

So, my appearances-wise favorite, beautiful girl Simone had a short reign. Oh well! So what did we like?

What I admired:

Designed by Chris, Rami, & Jillian

What I want to wear:

Designed by Christian, Victorya, & Steven


Designed by Carmen, Marion, & Elisa

There are too many designers left for me to start choosing my favorites. Rami, of course, is mega talented but I'm wondering if he's a one-trick pony. Chris surprised me with his great dress, but in the future will they err on the side of too theatrical? "Sweet P" and "Kit Pistol" annoyed me (pretty much anyone with a made-up nickname annoys me), as did Elisa (this season's Angela perhaps?). I am excited to see this season's creations and how they will inspire my wardrobe...I've already picked out a slightly more interesting outfit for tomorrow based on what the designers were wearing!

Who were your favorites?

14 November 2007

...aaaaand we're auf!

A few days ago, after an LSAT-&-work-induced trance, I flipped on the tv and noticed an interesting little countdown in the corner of Real Housewives of Orange County: only 2 days til the new season of Project Runway! I had completely forgotten how close the premiere was, and is.

I wonder who will break my heart this year, as Alison did last year. I couldn't get enough of her unique pieces, especially the crochet work she does.

Her personal style is great, too. I'm glad to see that her line, Dahl, is on the up-and-up. You can see it here. Before it launched, I was so anxious to get my hands on her clothes that I bought her first limited-edition dress from her, uh, myspace page. I love it (it has her signature crochet neckline) but haven't had a chance to wear it yet. Hopefully that will change this weekend (we are planning something faaaabulous), and I will be sure to post the dress in all its glory.

Anyway, I am so happy to see the new season starting tonight. It has been too long without Heidi's & Tim's smiling faces, and it will be nice to wash away the memory of last season's season finale (go away icky yuck greasy emo skulls).

07 November 2007

perfect shopper

There are 3 very good reasons I should not have gone shopping on Wednesday:
I had just gotten paid, and therefore felt over-confident in my spending power;
It is Christmastime, and the newly-decorated mall filled me with glee and the urge to buy! buy! buy!;
I worked an overnight shift the night before until 6:30 am, and even after a long nap I was exhausted and didn't have any will to resist salespeople.

I went to the mall specifically to return something for my mom, but my weak will set in. When I was returning my item to Anthropologie, I had to check out the sale room. It was packed to the brim! Did I need anything? Of course not, but I tried on a bunch of cute stuff.

this dress was just waiting for me. I love it because of the bodice detailing:

I had to talk myself out of 2 other dresses and a bunch of jackets (err, except one. it is adorable). Have you been into Anthropologie lately? Talk about festive store decorations-- I want to live in there!

Next, I went to the Body Shop because I am almost out of my Seaweed facial scrub. In my drowsy state, the somewhat-pushy saleslady was my best buddy. She was being so helpful, I thought! I ate up her entire spiel and walked out with the scrub, a moisturizer, foot scrub, and a membership card ("yes, it's $10, but think of everything you'll save!" it made soooo much sense to me).

Finally, I was off to M.A.C to check out the Alexander McQueen limited-edition line. As I walked in, I was struck by the image of (who I thought was) Lily Cole:

Different picture, but same girl. Is that even her? Well, whoever she is, she is gorgeous. Her beauty convinced me to buy the eyeshadow she's wearing, plus the McQueen lipglass, plus their newest mascara.

Well, I almost made it out of the mall afterward, but I had to pass by the pink, enticing lair that is Bestsey Johnson. I let out a little shriek when I saw new purses sitting out, and in my weakness almost, almost bought this little number:

Yes, it is pink faux-fur with diamonds and horseshoes. And lips and hearts. But at the moment it was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen. The only reason I put it back was my distaste for anything even remotely resembling a Dooney & Bourke bag.

Lesson? Don't shop without an iron will and a good night's sleep behind you. I didn't go crazy, but I did spend about $200 more than anticipated. Goodnight all, my Barron's guide to the LSAT is calling!

06 November 2007

spastic hills update

Dear Heidi,

Only you could make Chanel look unappealing. I wish my birthday was as fun as yours: sitting alone with a creepy guy, just making facial expressions and shrugging and OH MY GOSH STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR HAIR.

picture borrowed from mtv.com

05 November 2007


Last night & a little bit of today have been spent panicking. Today is November 5th, meaning in a mere twenty-five days my whole future is decided. Too dramatic? Ok, but December 1st is the day I take the LSAT, and I'm suddenly feeling entirely unprepared. I need to study much more than I have been, so my posting may slow down until December 2nd. Or maybe not- I am a furious procrastinator, and browsing blogs/shopping online are my weapons of choice.

these are THE shoes + THE floor. see how my poor shoes are just collapsing? but they could have been cute once, right?? And these are my supercute dark dark purple jeans (that didn't show up too well) that I'm wearing with just about everything lately.

see y'all soon!

04 November 2007

what i want to look like this season

These perfect looks are from The Sartorialist's trip to Beijing.


Perfect layering, perfect mixing of black & brown.

and dressed up:

I love the addition of short red gloves that take this outfit to a whole new level. If only I had a fabulous event to attend and have a reason to wear this look!

to the dogs.

Do you know what phrase I really hate? "My dogs are barking". Though right now, suddenly I understand what it means. My retail job, the one with the raw concrete cement floor, is fricking killing my feet, not to mention my poor ankles that need about 30 minutes of stretching after each shift in order to feel slightly better. The floor is negatively affecting my running and sadly, my love of/ability to wear heels. Even usually-friendly wedges make my toes shrivel and die. I can currently make it through my 9-hour shifts in only one pair of shoes: patent mary-jane flats with a Dr. Scholl's gel arch support. But alas, they are falling apart after a month of continuous abuse (maybe because they're from payless). I have been on a constant quest for comfy flats with these qualities: round toe, neutral color, substantial sole and some padding/arch support. Well my friends, such a shoe does not exist (in stores near me, at least). Looking online is easy, but you never know exactly how cushiony a shoe will be (since not ever style has customer reviews).

Here are some I'm willing to try:

I want these Jeffrey Campbell ones in yellow, $59 at BarefootTess

DKNY, $135 at shopbop

Charlotte Ronson, $125 at shopbop

French Sole, $99 at Zappos

These Michael Kors flats look cozy, like a cross between a ballet flat & a driving moc, $99 at zappos

Don't know how comfy these Two Lips shoes would be, but they are super cute, $73 at zappos

These are a little pricier than I usually am willing to spend on flats, but my wellbeing is at stake. Good quality really makes the difference in comfort and endurance. For me, the worst comfort brands (in order from worse to WORST are: Payless, Nine West, Steve Madden, Target). You don't need to spend $300 for good flats, but around $100 will usually ensure some good craftsmanship. In the next few days, I need to narrow down these choices and order a couple pairs. Because if I have no success, I will be driven to buy out all the Ugg boots in the Orlando metro. But no matter how bad things get, no matter how much pain my feet endure, I will never look at nor touch a (barf)croc.

At the moment, it is time to celebrate that holiest of holy holidays, one of my favorite nights of the year: fall daylight savings. One glorious extra hour of sleep, and I'm going to celebrate by taking a steamy shower, slathering myself in coconut body butter, and nibbling on my first Christmas Tree Cake of the season. Happy daylight savings everyone.

03 November 2007

it's britney b*tch

So I left my tv on the E! channel after The Soup last night, and what do I see? An old SNL episode from 2002, hosted by Brit Brit. I can't believe she's the same girl running around in the tabloids today. On SNL she looked so gorgeous, she performed live, and I remembered why I was so fascinated with her circa the Britney album.

I just bought her new cd via iTunes, and I have to say it's great. She has returned to poppy, sexy dance music, and it's perfect for working out. I generally dislike any songs about the ennui of fame ("Piece of Me") or songs that include the word "Freakshow" (ahem, "Freakshow"), but the beats are just so frickin good (especially loving "Radar"). He last cd, In The Zone, wasn't my favorite, and it kinda started her present downward spiral. I remember seeing those first pictures of her on the beach with KFed, wearing a pink trucker hat, eating cheetos and smoking. I thought, "no way, this guy is so history". I wish! So with Blackout, I have hope that maybe she'll return to her sexy, stylish, enviable self.

I couldn't find the exact performance from SNL, but this was the fantastically cheesy song. But oh.my.gosh. her body is so sick in this video. She was my "ideal body inspiration" for 2002 and the following couple years. No one has ever looked better in jeans.

02 November 2007


I have a soft spot in my heart for slightly granola clothes. In high school I was a Birkenstock-clog-wearer, mountain bike-rider, khaki-lover (although I promise that I always had clean hair, makeup, and dressed venue-appropriately!). My man convinced me to stop wearing the Birkenstocks a couple years ago and I am more attracted to structured, quality clothing, but I am still a Baggu Bag-carrying vegetarian at heart. So when my retail job got a ton of super-soft flannel shirts in stock, they immediately caught my eye. I bought one a couple weeks ago but couldn't figure out how to wear it without looking like a complete farmer.

Then finally, a Fashionista Streetwalker helped inspire me:

These are the only denim shorts I own, and they are a little bit of a light wash, but I kind of like the outfit I came up with. I will keep the shirt through the weekend to see if I can make it even more versatile before deciding if I need to return it!

01 November 2007

total bliss or total B.S.?

While I was wandering around Sephora, I came across something pretty interesting...

love handler by bliss promises to shrink abdominal fat.

um, what? I though products like this were debunked long ago. I understand the concept of skin-toning lotions, but this description actually uses the words "a workout for lazy abdominals" and "tone pudgy tummies". It contains mint oil which will of course cause tingling, but muscle toning? Fat shrinking? I'll save my $36 and stick to aerobic exercise and, err, try to cut back on the carbs.

Sounds like baloney to me!