03 November 2007

it's britney b*tch

So I left my tv on the E! channel after The Soup last night, and what do I see? An old SNL episode from 2002, hosted by Brit Brit. I can't believe she's the same girl running around in the tabloids today. On SNL she looked so gorgeous, she performed live, and I remembered why I was so fascinated with her circa the Britney album.

I just bought her new cd via iTunes, and I have to say it's great. She has returned to poppy, sexy dance music, and it's perfect for working out. I generally dislike any songs about the ennui of fame ("Piece of Me") or songs that include the word "Freakshow" (ahem, "Freakshow"), but the beats are just so frickin good (especially loving "Radar"). He last cd, In The Zone, wasn't my favorite, and it kinda started her present downward spiral. I remember seeing those first pictures of her on the beach with KFed, wearing a pink trucker hat, eating cheetos and smoking. I thought, "no way, this guy is so history". I wish! So with Blackout, I have hope that maybe she'll return to her sexy, stylish, enviable self.

I couldn't find the exact performance from SNL, but this was the fantastically cheesy song. But oh.my.gosh. her body is so sick in this video. She was my "ideal body inspiration" for 2002 and the following couple years. No one has ever looked better in jeans.

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WendyB said...

She had an amazing body back in the day, though even then, I thought she was one of those people who really had to work on it. I downloaded Gimme More. What other songs are good?