02 November 2007


I have a soft spot in my heart for slightly granola clothes. In high school I was a Birkenstock-clog-wearer, mountain bike-rider, khaki-lover (although I promise that I always had clean hair, makeup, and dressed venue-appropriately!). My man convinced me to stop wearing the Birkenstocks a couple years ago and I am more attracted to structured, quality clothing, but I am still a Baggu Bag-carrying vegetarian at heart. So when my retail job got a ton of super-soft flannel shirts in stock, they immediately caught my eye. I bought one a couple weeks ago but couldn't figure out how to wear it without looking like a complete farmer.

Then finally, a Fashionista Streetwalker helped inspire me:

These are the only denim shorts I own, and they are a little bit of a light wash, but I kind of like the outfit I came up with. I will keep the shirt through the weekend to see if I can make it even more versatile before deciding if I need to return it!


The Clothes Horse said...

Sweet outfit! Grunge will never die (it will only retire itself for a few months).

coco said...

i love the first look
it is so cool

Heather said...


I hated it the first time around, when I was four and my mom dressed me up as 90210-chic, but now, mon dieu. And I'd die for my old sailor shorts with brass buttons, only remade to fit me 14 years later.

ambika said...

Love it! I don't know if I'll attempt a winter shorts look this season but these pics are seriously tempting me.

Christine said...

ambika- if I lived anywhere other than Florida, I wouldn't wear this either! This most def. wouldn't stand up to any kind of wintry winds :)

Anonymous said...

shorts over tights reminds me of 1991!