06 November 2007

spastic hills update

Dear Heidi,

Only you could make Chanel look unappealing. I wish my birthday was as fun as yours: sitting alone with a creepy guy, just making facial expressions and shrugging and OH MY GOSH STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR HAIR.

picture borrowed from mtv.com


WendyB said...

LOL...I don't want to be mean (but I guess I will be) but I really find that Heidi girl to be peculiar. If you're going to have plastic surgery, shouldn't you aim to look attractive afterwards? I mean, she looks like a before picture to me. Oh, that's evil! Shame on me.

Heather said...


I wore the outfit from the first picture sometime in 1995. I was seven.

jenny said...

oh come on! i like lauren and audrina. maybe it's just because i hate heidi so much that it makes them look like angels! : )

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, best description ever of Spencer and Heidi!