07 November 2007

perfect shopper

There are 3 very good reasons I should not have gone shopping on Wednesday:
I had just gotten paid, and therefore felt over-confident in my spending power;
It is Christmastime, and the newly-decorated mall filled me with glee and the urge to buy! buy! buy!;
I worked an overnight shift the night before until 6:30 am, and even after a long nap I was exhausted and didn't have any will to resist salespeople.

I went to the mall specifically to return something for my mom, but my weak will set in. When I was returning my item to Anthropologie, I had to check out the sale room. It was packed to the brim! Did I need anything? Of course not, but I tried on a bunch of cute stuff.

this dress was just waiting for me. I love it because of the bodice detailing:

I had to talk myself out of 2 other dresses and a bunch of jackets (err, except one. it is adorable). Have you been into Anthropologie lately? Talk about festive store decorations-- I want to live in there!

Next, I went to the Body Shop because I am almost out of my Seaweed facial scrub. In my drowsy state, the somewhat-pushy saleslady was my best buddy. She was being so helpful, I thought! I ate up her entire spiel and walked out with the scrub, a moisturizer, foot scrub, and a membership card ("yes, it's $10, but think of everything you'll save!" it made soooo much sense to me).

Finally, I was off to M.A.C to check out the Alexander McQueen limited-edition line. As I walked in, I was struck by the image of (who I thought was) Lily Cole:

Different picture, but same girl. Is that even her? Well, whoever she is, she is gorgeous. Her beauty convinced me to buy the eyeshadow she's wearing, plus the McQueen lipglass, plus their newest mascara.

Well, I almost made it out of the mall afterward, but I had to pass by the pink, enticing lair that is Bestsey Johnson. I let out a little shriek when I saw new purses sitting out, and in my weakness almost, almost bought this little number:

Yes, it is pink faux-fur with diamonds and horseshoes. And lips and hearts. But at the moment it was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen. The only reason I put it back was my distaste for anything even remotely resembling a Dooney & Bourke bag.

Lesson? Don't shop without an iron will and a good night's sleep behind you. I didn't go crazy, but I did spend about $200 more than anticipated. Goodnight all, my Barron's guide to the LSAT is calling!


Emma said...

Friggin' ADORABLE dress. I want it too!

The Stiletto Effect said...

that's a very cute dress!


ambika said...

I just had this *same* experience at Anthropologie. I was downtown to buy bras and *almost* spent about $300 there.

Your dress is *gorgeous*

Letitia said...

too cute!!

i hav a new blog, would love for you to visit!!
the diamant noir

Tamron Lohan said...

a series of WONDERFUL oopsies!
that dress is GORGEOUS. and i'd have absolutely considered that betsey bag. also, that ISN'T Lily Cole? Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!

Anonymous said...

i HATE THAT DRESS...just KIDDING it's cuteeeeeeeee!

Kevin said...