27 September 2008

I can't lie...

As school gets harder and more overwhelming, I can't lie...reminding myself that I am working toward the purchasing power necessary to buy things like this...

is helping to get me through these long days.

15 September 2008

I love loeffler

So, I got those boots. My local Target had them in stock, so I didn't have to order online and fret about the quality after I had already parted with my precious, precious $34.99 (+tax). The quality isn't top-notch, duh, but they really don't look bad in person. I tried them on, looked in the mirror, and chanted "Until I can afford Loeffler...until I can afford Loeffler..."

Yes, they look kinda like a poor man's (woman's) version of Loeffler Randall's gorgey half-wedge boots. I'm sure Jessie Randall wouldn't mind, right? She did a collabo with Target earlier this year. For now I'm a Target girl, but my eye's on the prize...

Just swooning:

All can be found here at Shopbop.

I found it!

My perfect holiday dress!

...oh that's right, I don't need one.
If you happen to be so lucky and have an extra $340, this Carmen Marc Valvo dress is here.

power of positive thought?

The frigid temperatures inside the reading room forced me outside for lunch, where I'm eating on the steps of the Met Pioneer Theatre next to Constance Billard the law school. Besides trying to NOT pretend I'm in GG fantasy world, my biggest challenge so far has been keeping my mind right.

4 weeks in, and I've already had a few bad days. More than time management or simply the hefty load of work I've been given, I have struggled most with keeping the right attitude about the task in front of me.

Today is a good day. Today I look at the assignments and know that I'm actually working directly towards my professional goals. I look at the job postings and clinical listings on the cork boards and get excited about the prospect of soon being able to apply to both. I know that I'm going to be at school for 6 more hours today (after already having been here for 4) and I'm ok with that. Days like today, I can tell myself to work hard because the end will be worth it.

On bad days, I can't even remember why I wanted to come here. The work stretched out in front of me is endless, with little relief for the next 9 months. I can't imagine grinding away at these casebooks every single day. I can't handle carrying around my 100 lbs worth of text books all the way to the bus stop, then to the school, and back again. I am trying to keep those days to a minimum, and truth be told, time is actually going by pretty fast. I'm sure I'll beg it to slow down as we get closer and closer to finals and final assignments, but I will be fine as long as I work day-to-day and keep my perspective right. I have found that I can't think about the end result when I'm tired or cranky...I have been getting better at stopping when my mind is in the wrong place, taking a break, and coming back later. My mind is pretty useless when I'm exhausted and irritated.

Sigh. Now I just need to work on getting more sleep...

14 September 2008

today, I..

Today I went...

...to the street fair and signed up to help the economy's effects on family pets.

...to the dog park so my little girl could socialize

Today I watched...

...The Messengers (Two thumbs down!)

...The Queen (Two thumbs up!)

...The Biggest Loser boot camp with Bob on Exercise TV (soberingly harder than expected)

Today I coveted...

...a perfect winter coat

...some oh-so-cozy-looking sweaters from J.Crew and Anthropologie

And now I'm fighting off yawns...sweet dreams

13 September 2008

shoe of the day

Today is shoe of the day-- budget version! A girl in my class (from AZ) and I were lamenting our lack of cold-weather appropriate footwear for the upcoming winter. We both come from climates where little flats and some heeled sandals will do you good all year long. Last February on my trip to Idaho & Utah, I attempted to wear my flats in a blizzard. I guess I figured if they were closed-toe, I would be fine. Wrong! My shoes got soaked through (not to mention the uncovered tops of my feet) in minutes. So I have been searching for some (VERY) budget-friendly/cold friendly shoes. I found today's pair here from Target.

It's really hard to find boots on a budget, but I think retailers are doing a better and better job of putting some affordable and not TOTALLY chintzy options out there. For only $34.99, these might do the trick.

12 September 2008

changing of the colors.

I have gone to my first home football game, seen my breath and felt a chill in the morning air, and felt a few crunchy leaves under my feet.

And, my toenails will no longer be hot pink. When the weather's chilly, only burgundies, reds, and other dark hues will do.

That's right, Fall has officially started to creep in.

I think Fall is definitely more fun when you live somewhere where the leaves turn colors. As much as I love Florida, it just doesn't feel as festive for all the fun Autumn holidays when the air is hot and the palm trees all stay green. I like a little chill in the air...but I will be eating my words come January when I'm trudging through snow to school everyday!

I just wish I wasn't stuck in the reading room during the last of these sunny, mild days!