12 September 2008

changing of the colors.

I have gone to my first home football game, seen my breath and felt a chill in the morning air, and felt a few crunchy leaves under my feet.

And, my toenails will no longer be hot pink. When the weather's chilly, only burgundies, reds, and other dark hues will do.

That's right, Fall has officially started to creep in.

I think Fall is definitely more fun when you live somewhere where the leaves turn colors. As much as I love Florida, it just doesn't feel as festive for all the fun Autumn holidays when the air is hot and the palm trees all stay green. I like a little chill in the air...but I will be eating my words come January when I'm trudging through snow to school everyday!

I just wish I wasn't stuck in the reading room during the last of these sunny, mild days!

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Psuedokim said...

As an ex-Floridian (now in SC) and fashion freak, I'm really happy I stumbled across your blog. I totally agree it's a lot more fun living somewhere there's actual seasons and we're right now enjoying our first cool weather of the fall. I don't know why; I just love fall/winter clothes so much more than summer. Maybe because my skin pretty much deflects the sun so I'm never tan? I don't know. Either way, I'm enjoying your writing, thanks!