12 April 2009

My birthday was pretty fun, just because it was the same day as Barrister's Ball, fondly referred to as "Law School Prom". I would rate it WAY more fun than my senior prom where I basically was dumped by my date as soon as we walked in, but less fun than my Junior Prom, where I had the sweetest dress in school and went with people I loved.
Anyway, "prom" was fun because I was, well, very much loosened up...enough to just dance the whole time! And there was hummus there, so that was cool.

My dress worked out well, and I found some cute 4.5" beige/coppery Steve Madden heels @ Ross for 9.99. They were comfortable until I realized that dancing my heart out in brand new shoes had left gashes (not blisters) on the side of both feet. They are just now healing!

My mom gave me a Visa gift card for my birthday, and I am just trying to decide if I should get new running shoes or highlights/hair cut. I need both desperately, but one is going to have to wait until my summer loans come through! I have been proud of my running lately, it's been so hard with the weather not able to decide if it's winter or spring. I hate it. Jillian has been keeping me sane on ExerciseTV on demand, at least. To try and keep my motivation up, I have been reading some running blogs..Skinny Runner and The Chic Runner are inspirational and have some other great links. I was planning on doing the SLC 1/2 marathon next week, but just can't swing the $65 entry fee.

Anyway, I can't believe I am less than a month away from completing my whole first year of law school. It is so exciting. The year has truly been a blur and I struggle with feeling stupid every day, but I have a good feeling that I'm in the right place, doing what I should be doing.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter/Passover. I was super lucky to get hooked up with the Easter brunch at my favorite hotel in the city. I was thinking of wearing a white dress but with the weather still in the 40s/50s, it just doesn't feel right. We'll see!