27 January 2010

another new year

So January is almost over already (hallelujah) but I'm still in the "new & improved" frame of mind. 2009 was a roller-coaster, mostly just because I finished my first year of law school and started my second year, and that is enough of a challenge all by itself. But I also managed to fit in some fun stuff: completed my first half-marathon (1:53), visited home twice, visited Yellowstone, went to a fun retro costume party, improved my snowboarding skills, and I even got a haircut that I like.

This year will be even better. Although school is busier than ever, and I am not loving my nannying job, I have a lot to look forward to. Among other things, I am going to be back in Florida all summer...which alone would give me enough joy to last all year!

Last week was definitely a high note to start 2010 when I had the chance to attend the Kenneth Cole Vintage Black Party at Sundance Film Festival. I guess I was having a little too much fun to take any pictures of the beautiful people there :) Who knew Utah could party so hard?!
P.S. the Vintage Black cologne itself is delicious, I have even been spritzing it on myself, shhhh.

party nails...with party chips Mad as a Hatter by OPI.

The drive home was not quite as amazing. It was a full-on blizzard through a mountain pass, super scary. So worth it though.

Besides having more fun this year (really), I am going to focus on building my confidence, building my fitness, cooking more often & with less dairy/eggs (moving towards vegan perhaps??!), and saving up for a long-deserved honeymoon!!

One more goal for 2010 is really get a daily (or, semi-daily) outfit picture going. I have been really pleased with my outfits lately and even if no one else is looking, I like having a record of things I've mixed & matched. I tried all day today to find a sunny spot in my apt, and the next step is finally getting a tripod!

HAPPY 2010!