20 February 2008

back from the blizzard

I need a better camera

Yep, I definitely froze. 20 degrees plus 5 feet of snow were almost unbearable to me--currently I am sitting under a fleece blanket, chilled by the 65 degree air outside.

Unfortunately, my trip added to my recently growing feeling of ennui toward fashion. We spent wayyyy too much money on a stupid rental car (never, ever rent a car, especially if you're under 25), very much draining my finances and making clothing shopping veritably impossible for the foreseeable future. The trip brought to my attention the huge absence of cute cold-weather clothes in my closet, which will be a huge problem if we (most likely) leave Florida this fall. As soon as we flew home, I had to go right back to work-- to my job that requires I wear a swimsuit every single day. On days off like today, I just stay home working on law school stuff, and this combination does not warrant for creative outfits or even a desire to dress well. So I'm just spending my day waiting for Project Runway to come on, trying to fight the desire to order a large pizza, and wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt. Ugh I am just so uninspired!

But anyway, tonight they announce Project Runway's fan favorite. I have been trying to guess who it might be. Based on personality, I'd vote for Chris aka the only contestant with the brass to actually fall asleep during a runway challenge. He is awfully sweet and I am just dying to see him succeed.

I was so happy when he returned from premature elimination, and I'm hoping he is one of the final 3 (even though we already know he got to show a full collection regardless).

Based on design alone, my favorites are a toss-up between Jillian and Christian. Jillian's was my favorite by far from the museum challenge. And who could forget the awesome coat she designed mostly by herself?

Like everyone else, I feel like Christian is the one to beat and I've loved his designs since the first challenge.

I'm anxious to see who finally wins...this has been one of the best seasons yet. Every runway show looked like it was done by a seasoned, bona fide designer. If you want, go check out all four final collections. I am going to have to predict Christian for the win.

13 February 2008

au revoir!

I'm going out of town for a few days, and part of the time will be spent in a cabin with limited resources. I am going to be in the bitter cold of the Mountain West, so hopefully my wimpy little Florida-acclimated body won't die! I will take pictures and see you all soon.

p.s.- I bought the shoes, and they are coming with me!

11 February 2008

hey, um, you don't know me, but....

do you mind if we trade lives for a minute??

All from face hunter

07 February 2008

this time they are so right

I'm sure there aren't many of you who don't read Go Fug Yourself, but this picture was too good for me to pass up:
Oh, frick. Scary from top to bottom. It's like she took every trend to the extreme, put them in a blender, poured the result onto herself like "what the hell? It's bound to look hip". Hipster pout + bright lips + decorative scarf + kimono dress + belt-at-waist + stirrup leggings + peep toes. In theory, it's okay, and she is a very cute girl (by law, I can't hate anyone who appeared in "Girl, Interrupted") but here are some options with the same idea, but perhaps better execution and flatter-a-bility factor.
Keep it slightly more simple, and keep a smudgy eye but tone down the lips. There, now isn't that better?

02 February 2008

on my mind

Did you ever know something wasn't good for you, but you just had to have it anyway? No, I'm not referring to my sometimes insane cravings for ice cream or cookies. This item on my mind is widely regarded as unflattering, too 80s, or just plain ugly. The item is this pair of trendoid shoes.

I have pictured them with my dresses, with my skinny jeans, with my tights. I am watching them on 4 websites, hoping one will just lower the price a little more. I have tried to justify that they would act as my "Florida equivalent" to winter boots, since they truly just don't stock knee-high boots in the stores here.

I haven't made up my mind yet, but I will keep holding out until they drop in price or drop out of my mind!