07 February 2008

this time they are so right

I'm sure there aren't many of you who don't read Go Fug Yourself, but this picture was too good for me to pass up:
Oh, frick. Scary from top to bottom. It's like she took every trend to the extreme, put them in a blender, poured the result onto herself like "what the hell? It's bound to look hip". Hipster pout + bright lips + decorative scarf + kimono dress + belt-at-waist + stirrup leggings + peep toes. In theory, it's okay, and she is a very cute girl (by law, I can't hate anyone who appeared in "Girl, Interrupted") but here are some options with the same idea, but perhaps better execution and flatter-a-bility factor.
Keep it slightly more simple, and keep a smudgy eye but tone down the lips. There, now isn't that better?


The Clothes Horse said...

That is better. I do like Britney Murphy though...what happened to the girl's style?

Heather said...

But the *bigger* problem, shall we say, is her lips! I bet they'd keep her afloat in a shipwreck!

Wendy said...

Oh good god, she looks hideous in that ensemble.

alana said...

she definitely needs you as a stylist..