23 September 2007

whose shoes?

Who is wearing the beautiful heels?

Shoe-loving Carrie Bradshaw, of course. Although I think the flower-pin-to-one-up-all-other-SATC-inspired-flower-pins is a little much, the shoes are great.

photo borrowed from A Socialite's Life.

22 September 2007

outlet mall: no longer for those looking for deals.

Lately, when I think of outlet malls, I think of tourists, cheap crap, and Rue 21 (why does that store pop up at every outlet mall from here to Vegas?) The outlet malls here are especially frustrating because they are littered with NON-OUTLET stores. What's the point? Last time I ventured to an outlet mall, I saw regular Aeropostale, regular Eddie Bauer, and other dull (yet non-outlet!) stores.
Well the kind folks over at Neiman Marcus have turned my world upside-down and opened a Neiman Marcus Last Call in the outskirts of a particularly crappy outlet mall. It is gorrrrrr-jussss! I tried on Prada platforms for the first time in my life. They are still around $250, but unlike full-priced Prada, I could actually buy these someday (maybe). I also tried on YSL, Marc Jacobs and Loeffler Randall shoes (so fun!). They had a great selection of clothing from all the brands I always drool over but never actually buy (yet). Theory, Marc by Marc, 3.1 Philip Lim, Vena Cava, Rachel Pally, and more- all from past seasons, but all on heavy discount. I will definitely be back once my financial reserves are-a-flowin' just a little bit more.

of course i watched it.

So, Gossip Girl. I loved the books ever since they came out, even if I'm a little old for them (23). I wrote about my obsession a few months ago, and now I can finally see Blair, Serena, Nate, Dan, Vanessa & the crew in the flesh. Although I was a little disappointed with the portrayal of the Humphreys and the fact that they tried to cram way too much into the first episode, of course I loved the show (even if I always pictured Serena as more of a Mischa Barton-slash-Kate Bosworth type). Blair is definitely my favorite character, and I think the actress to play her(Leighton Meester) can carry off her snark/bitchiness perfectly.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing all the great fashion that's sure to grace the show. Those dang high school girls have amazing taste & limitless budgets. The CW even has a cool feature where you can click on a character and see/purchase some of the items they wore in each episode. Too bad Serena's awesome minidress from Kiss on the Lips is by Tory Burch & costs $450. But I can afford her knee socks!

16 September 2007


I'M BACK on the day every poor-girl-who-loves-fashion comes out of the woodworks to see what's going on- the newest GO International collection came out today. Alice Temperley, I am in love. After being SO disappointed with the last few collections (plus Vera Wang for Kohl's), I honestly didn't have high hopes. But, I decided to book it to Target this morning just in case. The clothes hadn't even made it to the displays yet, but there was a big rolling rack full of Temperely sitting in the aisles- I made myself at home.
What a difference! The first thing I noticed was the good quality of the fabric. There are a bunch of crepe pieces, and they are very substantial.

This is what I actually bought (ahem, so far). Please ignore the HORRIBLE styling/detail that Target uses on its website. Geez I hate it- even on the models, the clothes aren't impressive. Anyway, the dress is fully lined, all real buttons, super cute gray color. I tried it on with my bright blue leggings, gray tights, and black leggings and it look great with all 3. The tank is so cute under a cardi, and I had to get the sweater for the signature insartia design.

These are some more things I tried on. The mini dress is a thick crepe, hangs really well. They only had pink in the store, so I may order the yellow online. It's a little longer on my non-model body, but still needing leggings or tights! The gray blouse is so gorgeous, lots of buttons and thick ruffles. I just don't know if I have anywhere to wear it (it is very fancy)- if I think of something, it is mine for sure. And the bloomers- same thing- cute, fit well, but no hole in my wardrobe for them.

Go check out the Temperley page at Target. Click through all the flash "looks", and see if you don't get as excited as me for the upcoming releases. The sweater dress! The pink swiss dotted blouse! The slouchy hat! I have no idea when they come out, but you know I'll be checking back daily just in case. My love for Target has been officially restored. Now I am pumped for Erin Fetherston too!

06 September 2007


My most favorite blog ever, Jezebel, has published my "I Work Retail" story!. I definitely can't take much of the credit, though. It is my story, but Moe is an amazing editor and made it super-well written. Anyway, yay!

05 September 2007

just a thought while watching the u.s. open

the grossest thing in the world is sweaty hair coming in contact with my skin (ok, this is an exaggeration, but not by much). Rafael Nadal's hair has been sopping wet, just slapping into his neck for the past 2 hours. I can't even stand it when the end of my ponytail gets sweat on it from bopping into my neck, and continues to bop into my neck during my runs. Gives me the shivers.

Now this is much more my style-

I guess this means I have something in common with Anna Wintour. Ew.

04 September 2007


NOT flattering.

I have been on the hunt for gray jeans for a while. But, I tried some on at the ol' standby, Old Navy, and realized that skin-tight, light colored pants do nothing for my thighs. (To quote Charlotte York...I hate my thighs!)

I will just have to stick with my one pair of trusty dark skinny's. I have more important things to worry about anyway, namely, how can I get my poor hands on one, just one of these babies:

brontibay paris nylon tutu tote, $187. MICHAEL michael kors wetherby satchel, $386. l.a.m.b. kensington sutton bag, $645.

marc by marc behati tote, $458. rebecca minkoff morning after bag, $545.

all bags at shopbop.