04 September 2007


NOT flattering.

I have been on the hunt for gray jeans for a while. But, I tried some on at the ol' standby, Old Navy, and realized that skin-tight, light colored pants do nothing for my thighs. (To quote Charlotte York...I hate my thighs!)

I will just have to stick with my one pair of trusty dark skinny's. I have more important things to worry about anyway, namely, how can I get my poor hands on one, just one of these babies:

brontibay paris nylon tutu tote, $187. MICHAEL michael kors wetherby satchel, $386. l.a.m.b. kensington sutton bag, $645.

marc by marc behati tote, $458. rebecca minkoff morning after bag, $545.

all bags at shopbop.


ambika said...

As much as I can appreciate designers trying to mix things up, I really love my dark jeans best.

And you made me laugh with the sweaty hair post.

Candid Cool said...

The 2nd bag is especially cool

Kevin and Rachael said...

I found a fabulous pair of gray skinny jeans at Express but I bought them last season. They're a lighter wash than the ones in your picture and I can pair them with pretty much anything.