05 May 2009

MET gala

I am at day 14/16 of studying for final exams. So, I am burned out to say the least (even though I'm incredibly excited to be DONE DONE DONE with 1L!!!). I have been resting my brain by browsing pictures of the Met Costume Institute Gala. I really hate the concept of best/worst lists, they are so arbitrary and stupid. I always find myself loving looks that end up on the "worst" lists. Like today.

I love this lace jumpsuit, designed by her. Where could I ever wear something like this? Bummer.

So vibrant, love the sleeves & detail on the leggings. Just don't look at the heels of those shoes...these gothic-heeled Louis Vuitton popped up on a few girls...like Madonna' atrocious thigh-highs. I can't look at a flared-heel shoe without thinking goth girl.

Then there were my 2 on the "best" lists: my favorite Kates, both wearing Stella.

So beautiful.
Back to the brain-melting studying ughghhhh. *Just telling myself if I do well, I might be able to afford a sweet lace jumpsuit someday*