25 March 2009

best day

although today saw a huge snowstorm, which made me wanna cry, the day quickly turned good.

my bus was re-routed due to a closed street, so instead of going to the very back of campus where it usually goes, went right in front of my school. I pulled the chord on a whim because my bus line doesn't stop there...but he stopped!! It was amazing. It saved me a 15 minute walk in the blizzard!

Yesterday we turned in our hugely important 20-page paper. Today feels so good by comparison.

I stopped in this little boutique that is on my walk home because they had the cutest dress in the window. I thought it might be perfect for the Barrister's Ball (and my b-day) this Saturday and wanted to check it out. It was a one of a kind, it fit me, and it is now mine! A little pricey at $70 but I just got Papa's birthday check in the mail :)
This boutique sells a lot of re-worked vintage pieces. The one I bought came from taxiCDC. I just checked their website and they have some similar pieces, I'll take pics of mine later. There were quite a few of taxi's pieces in the store and they were all amazing. Although made with vintage pieces, the fabrics are in great condition and they are cut extremely well.

When I got to my porch, TWO packages were waiting! Birthday package from mom, plus my new Etsy boots! I found a great pair at Gina Michele Vintage for only $15.

Now I am going to make quesadillas and watch Lost....great day indeed.

19 March 2009

answer to the previous post: neither.

So, I ventured out in search of the boots. I went to a new F21 since the one nearest to me sucks. It just opened and oh man, it was insane bananas. They took an out of business department store and turned it into a F21. 2 floors. 5+ dressing rooms. 2 escalators. only one small section of men's; the rest was packed with women's. It was ridiculously overwhelming. I think that it was my first & last trip...gave me a headache and they didn't even have the boots. They had a similar-silhouette boot minus the studs, and oh man did I come to the realization that my legs canNOT pull off that height of boot. The top hits right where my calf muscle sticks out and completely stumps my leg. As mesmerizing as studs are, I just can't handle these.
Instead, I'm trying to find a more affordable boot for the quality on Etsy. Here are my top picks so far:





My new ultimate goal: to build a boot collection as awesome as Betty's.

15 March 2009

brown or black?

Buying that jacket at Target seems to have set off a spending binge. I am filling up internet wishlists with reckless abandon. I have become completely obsessed with these boots and don't know if I can resist. I am very torn between the brown & the black...I have 2 pairs of black boots...over-the-knee and ankle boots...so these would fit in the middle. On the other hand, I have no brown boots (or shoes, really) and even though I own a ton of black, I actually like the look of brown boots with black clothes. Hmm. What to do.

Since SPRING BREAK (!) just started I might try and head to my local F21 and try to scope these in person before I make a commitment.

boots, $36.80 at F21.

12 March 2009


these pants.

spotted on Frank Lampard's new girlfriend Saskia. So, they are probably pricey and only available somewhere in Europe. I will check Asos and Topshop, but if you have any info on where these pants may be, let me know!

10 March 2009


Last Wednesday I planned my day around McQ's release at Target. Pathetic? Maybe. It's kinda my own little tradition...I go to Target on the first day when a new GO! International collection releases. It turned into a ritual when I moved here since Targets aren't that near my house anymore. I love going, it helps me not feel so homesick because Target is always the same and always a fun time.

Anyway, I thought twice about going last week since it was a Wednesday instead of the usual Sunday release and I have so much homework during the week. But, the denim studded jacket was calling my name and I wanted to see it in person.

I'm so glad I did! Even though I'm in Utah and that means that GO! International designers are unknown to probably 99% of the population that shops at my local Target and the racks are almost always full, this line was already picked over. I guess people (like me!) came far and wide to check out McQ.

The jacket was the only interesting item I scoped in the lookbook that was in the store, but it's great. There was only one M and one XL hanging there so I swiped the M and it fits great, much better than in the picture. I was so excited and also a little scared that I was about to spend $60 on one item (more than I have spent on one item in MONTHS). I checked out eBay and it looks like people are already putting the jacket up for $80-$120, but with no bids yet I don't know how well it would makie a profit. Buuuut, I think I'll just hang onto mine. It's so cute with dresses (and plain t shirts too), really well-made, and a great cut.

Now if only it will stop snowing so I can break out this Springtime outerwear....*sigh* how I miss Florida!