10 March 2009


Last Wednesday I planned my day around McQ's release at Target. Pathetic? Maybe. It's kinda my own little tradition...I go to Target on the first day when a new GO! International collection releases. It turned into a ritual when I moved here since Targets aren't that near my house anymore. I love going, it helps me not feel so homesick because Target is always the same and always a fun time.

Anyway, I thought twice about going last week since it was a Wednesday instead of the usual Sunday release and I have so much homework during the week. But, the denim studded jacket was calling my name and I wanted to see it in person.

I'm so glad I did! Even though I'm in Utah and that means that GO! International designers are unknown to probably 99% of the population that shops at my local Target and the racks are almost always full, this line was already picked over. I guess people (like me!) came far and wide to check out McQ.

The jacket was the only interesting item I scoped in the lookbook that was in the store, but it's great. There was only one M and one XL hanging there so I swiped the M and it fits great, much better than in the picture. I was so excited and also a little scared that I was about to spend $60 on one item (more than I have spent on one item in MONTHS). I checked out eBay and it looks like people are already putting the jacket up for $80-$120, but with no bids yet I don't know how well it would makie a profit. Buuuut, I think I'll just hang onto mine. It's so cute with dresses (and plain t shirts too), really well-made, and a great cut.

Now if only it will stop snowing so I can break out this Springtime outerwear....*sigh* how I miss Florida!

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