25 March 2009

best day

although today saw a huge snowstorm, which made me wanna cry, the day quickly turned good.

my bus was re-routed due to a closed street, so instead of going to the very back of campus where it usually goes, went right in front of my school. I pulled the chord on a whim because my bus line doesn't stop there...but he stopped!! It was amazing. It saved me a 15 minute walk in the blizzard!

Yesterday we turned in our hugely important 20-page paper. Today feels so good by comparison.

I stopped in this little boutique that is on my walk home because they had the cutest dress in the window. I thought it might be perfect for the Barrister's Ball (and my b-day) this Saturday and wanted to check it out. It was a one of a kind, it fit me, and it is now mine! A little pricey at $70 but I just got Papa's birthday check in the mail :)
This boutique sells a lot of re-worked vintage pieces. The one I bought came from taxiCDC. I just checked their website and they have some similar pieces, I'll take pics of mine later. There were quite a few of taxi's pieces in the store and they were all amazing. Although made with vintage pieces, the fabrics are in great condition and they are cut extremely well.

When I got to my porch, TWO packages were waiting! Birthday package from mom, plus my new Etsy boots! I found a great pair at Gina Michele Vintage for only $15.

Now I am going to make quesadillas and watch Lost....great day indeed.


Chic Runner said...

Those boots are AMAZING!!!! :) I actually got that black sweater dress from Forever. I love that dress. It looked WAY too short on the hanger but once I tried it on I loved it.

Chic Runner said...

PS!! about the hydration belt. They all bounce when they are full but for me I really like the one with more pockets. The more evenly placed the weight is it's better. I also like to shove all my crap in there when I run :) Good luck and I hope you find one you like!

MOON said...