31 August 2008

it has begun

I'm a law student! 2 weeks done, endless to go, but it has been a blur thus far. I have more to read and less money to spend than ever before in my whole life. It's a little overwhelming but exciting too.
I have a 3-day weekend and I am all caught up for Monday so I'm taking my time watching some tennis, reading blogs, and snuggling with my dog. She has been so annoyed with the decrease in attention.

I'm also having fun playing with my brand spanking new MacBook Pro. Almost worth the increase in crushing debt!

More soon.

09 August 2008

not a cake...it's a torte

the top looked good...

...the sides unfortunately, not so much

I had the hardest time stacking the layers without them falling apart, and I had to spend a small fortune on all those raspberries! Otherwise, the recipe was pretty easy and completely delicious...find it here.

This adorable jewelry looks a little more perfect than my leaning torte!

$16 from seller FatallyFeminine.

$32 from seller La Patisserie.

$20 from seller Pendientuda

$18 from seller Le Pink Chocolat.

$58 from seller La Patisserie.

07 August 2008

wearing today

I wore an open-weave sweater from Saver's,
shorts from Target,
and shoes from Payless.

I was running around getting things ready for my guy's birthday tomorrow. Expect to see pictures of the most magnificent cake you've ever seen!

(erm, actually, to see magnificent desserts just go over to Tartelette. Stunning!)

06 August 2008


It has only been a couple months since I read Fashionista's declaration that black nail polish is dead. This hasn't stopped me from wearing my so-dark blue-it's-almost-black Russian Navy from OPI, but it is saddening to see how a polish chosen because it stands out has become so common.

I have never had long nails in my life (starting back when I had to keep them short for piano), but I still feel that short shiny nails are far superior to fake acrylics/French manicured/long pointy nails. This summer I have been wearing mostly clear polish, corals, oranges, or hot pinks, but I have kept my toes dark blue for the most part and still keep the option to wear dark polish on my hands.

Although I do hate when something I enjoy is also enjoyed by people (like the Lohans, LC, etc.) that I view as, well, unsavory, should I throw it out or keep on sticking with it? I think I'll stay with dark colors...as long as half the girls in my school aren't matching me, I'm okay.

To try some fun new almost-black (but not black up close), check out OPI's new line for this season: La Collection De France. I couldn't right-click the detail shots so you'll have to see it up close through the link. I am very interested in trying "You Don't Know Jacques!" "We'll Always Have Paris," and "Eiffel For This Color."

Will you still wear dark polish this fall?

Image from Polish Addict.

shoe of the day

Today's beauties come to us from the Prada F/W 08 collection. If you remember the runway collection, the shoes were real showstoppers.

I haven't seen real-life versions of these runway shoes yet, but the ruffle peep-toes from Neiman Marcus are more wearable while still keeping that extra-large-ruffle-flair. Both the real life and the runway versions are definitely fantasy shoes...only wearable in my dream life in which I sit by the pool in heels sipping bellinis all day. The new Linda Evangelista ads only add to their whimsical appeal.

pictures from Style.com and foto_decadent.

04 August 2008

in which Richard Chai teases me

I made a trek to my new local Target today for a few reasons, one being the launch of Richard Chai's new line. I got there about 4pm and some workers were just putting the collection out on the floor. It's fate! I thought, and I had the entire line, in all sizes, and I was the first one to touch them. I really enjoyed trying on all the dresses, even if Target's sizing is always a little off. Everything is very good-quality, and the only reason I walked out empty-handed was my current budgetary situation. My favorite pieces:

Ebony sleeveless ruffle dress, $34.99. If there is anything I'll go back for, it's this dress. It's a perfect just-a-stitch-above-the-knee length and would be perfect for work when worn with a light cardigan.

Sweetheart neck blue roses dress, $39.99. This dress is adorable and has great detailing. I just couldn't justify it since I already have some cute, bold-patterned A-line dresses without enough occasions for them to be worn. I have to warn any big-busted ladies: I am a teeny-chested girl (cough*A's*cough) and my correct size was perfectly fitted in the chest. I don't think it would accommodate C-cups and up.

Skinny denim, $34.99. I have to admit, these pants didn't fit me well at all, but I highly recommend trying them out for yourself. The detailing, again, is awesome. They made my booty look really nice...it was just below the booty that the legs bunched, rippled, and bagged. The color and the seaming won my heart and have set me on a quest to find the perfect light-colored straight-leg denim.

Broken-stripe printed trench $44.99. Finally, this full-length, fully-lined trench is a steal for under $50. The pattern is cute and quirky enough to help you stand out, but not weird enough to be unwearable. Had I not bought a trench right before leaving Florida, this would definitely be mine.

I am impressed, this is one of the best GO! International collections yet.

03 August 2008

spotting a trend

Yesterday I embarked on my first shopping trip since moving here to Utah. Well, second- I went to the local American Apparel earlier since it isn't attached to any other stores. Surprisingly, there is an AA closer to me now than there was in Florida. Like, 2 hours closer. I got 2 of the pocket skirts that I have been wanting for so long. I have to say, they really are amazingly comfortable, flattering, and go with everything! I broke it out for my real shopping excursion yesterday with an ancient white button-up from American Eagle, a woven orange belt, and my jeweled Target sandals.

I spotted a very disturbing trend while I was out & about at a very, very busy shopping mall. Tons of girls, ranging from Jr. High-age to my age and beyond, were wearing outfits anchored in athletic shorts. It wasn't your average (and forgivable) post workout I-need-to-run-out-to-the-store-and-thats-why-I'm-wearing-this outfit. These girls (and women) were fully made up with styled hair and wearing very workout-inappropriate tops.

Usually worn with flip-flops, although I did see one girl wearing her matching running shorts/dressy shirt combo with some type of heeled sandal.

Is this something common in Utah? This is new to me and I couldn't believe how many times I saw it. Maybe it's just because it has been so hot outside? Let's hope.