06 August 2008


It has only been a couple months since I read Fashionista's declaration that black nail polish is dead. This hasn't stopped me from wearing my so-dark blue-it's-almost-black Russian Navy from OPI, but it is saddening to see how a polish chosen because it stands out has become so common.

I have never had long nails in my life (starting back when I had to keep them short for piano), but I still feel that short shiny nails are far superior to fake acrylics/French manicured/long pointy nails. This summer I have been wearing mostly clear polish, corals, oranges, or hot pinks, but I have kept my toes dark blue for the most part and still keep the option to wear dark polish on my hands.

Although I do hate when something I enjoy is also enjoyed by people (like the Lohans, LC, etc.) that I view as, well, unsavory, should I throw it out or keep on sticking with it? I think I'll stay with dark colors...as long as half the girls in my school aren't matching me, I'm okay.

To try some fun new almost-black (but not black up close), check out OPI's new line for this season: La Collection De France. I couldn't right-click the detail shots so you'll have to see it up close through the link. I am very interested in trying "You Don't Know Jacques!" "We'll Always Have Paris," and "Eiffel For This Color."

Will you still wear dark polish this fall?

Image from Polish Addict.


Adiel said...

I wish I could get away without getting fake nails done. This is the weirdest story ever, but if I don't have acrylic nails, the skin on my finger tips around my nails cracks and peels away. It's so painful! No amount of googling has helped me figure out what it is. No dermatologist knows what it is or what is causing it. Any treatment I've tried didn't help either. The only thing that makes it go away is the acrylic nails. It's so weird. It's such a hassle to get them done, its such a waste of my time and it's boring!

Poster Girl said...

I've never had acrylics before, I think they'd just bother me. As far as colors, I'm really into purple, gray and nude colors right now, especially for my pedicures.

WendyB said...

Oh yes, I'll wear dark!

Psuedokim said...

Just got a mani done and used OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark - a very dark plum. Wanted a navy blue so badly but the salon didn't have it.
I'm so pale, I have no choice but to wear dark or I look anemic.