04 August 2008

in which Richard Chai teases me

I made a trek to my new local Target today for a few reasons, one being the launch of Richard Chai's new line. I got there about 4pm and some workers were just putting the collection out on the floor. It's fate! I thought, and I had the entire line, in all sizes, and I was the first one to touch them. I really enjoyed trying on all the dresses, even if Target's sizing is always a little off. Everything is very good-quality, and the only reason I walked out empty-handed was my current budgetary situation. My favorite pieces:

Ebony sleeveless ruffle dress, $34.99. If there is anything I'll go back for, it's this dress. It's a perfect just-a-stitch-above-the-knee length and would be perfect for work when worn with a light cardigan.

Sweetheart neck blue roses dress, $39.99. This dress is adorable and has great detailing. I just couldn't justify it since I already have some cute, bold-patterned A-line dresses without enough occasions for them to be worn. I have to warn any big-busted ladies: I am a teeny-chested girl (cough*A's*cough) and my correct size was perfectly fitted in the chest. I don't think it would accommodate C-cups and up.

Skinny denim, $34.99. I have to admit, these pants didn't fit me well at all, but I highly recommend trying them out for yourself. The detailing, again, is awesome. They made my booty look really nice...it was just below the booty that the legs bunched, rippled, and bagged. The color and the seaming won my heart and have set me on a quest to find the perfect light-colored straight-leg denim.

Broken-stripe printed trench $44.99. Finally, this full-length, fully-lined trench is a steal for under $50. The pattern is cute and quirky enough to help you stand out, but not weird enough to be unwearable. Had I not bought a trench right before leaving Florida, this would definitely be mine.

I am impressed, this is one of the best GO! International collections yet.


Adiel said...

Oh my gosh! I bought the first two dresses and I checked the collection online when I got home and realized they weren't carrying that coat. I'm planning on buying it online. Sounds like we've got similar taste! :)

RichardChai said...

Thanks for your help.


Poster Girl said...

How cool, RC is leaving comments and reading the blogs!? I thought this was one of the best GO collections. The details were amazing, and I liked the prints, too. I think the trench will be a big seller. I bought about a dozen pieces, mainly tops.

Adiel said...

Oh man I so wish I had time to drive to the fort union one today! I work kind of close to there, but have no time! :)

Thanks for the tip and for the reminder to write my Richard Chai review my fellow Utahn.

StrikeMatch said...

Ooooh, go ruffle dress.

christina said...

i love the ruffle dress ruffles have been so in style this season i've been getting blouses and dresses from shopgoldyn.com that all have ruffles can't wait to go check this one out!