03 August 2008

spotting a trend

Yesterday I embarked on my first shopping trip since moving here to Utah. Well, second- I went to the local American Apparel earlier since it isn't attached to any other stores. Surprisingly, there is an AA closer to me now than there was in Florida. Like, 2 hours closer. I got 2 of the pocket skirts that I have been wanting for so long. I have to say, they really are amazingly comfortable, flattering, and go with everything! I broke it out for my real shopping excursion yesterday with an ancient white button-up from American Eagle, a woven orange belt, and my jeweled Target sandals.

I spotted a very disturbing trend while I was out & about at a very, very busy shopping mall. Tons of girls, ranging from Jr. High-age to my age and beyond, were wearing outfits anchored in athletic shorts. It wasn't your average (and forgivable) post workout I-need-to-run-out-to-the-store-and-thats-why-I'm-wearing-this outfit. These girls (and women) were fully made up with styled hair and wearing very workout-inappropriate tops.

Usually worn with flip-flops, although I did see one girl wearing her matching running shorts/dressy shirt combo with some type of heeled sandal.

Is this something common in Utah? This is new to me and I couldn't believe how many times I saw it. Maybe it's just because it has been so hot outside? Let's hope.


D'Rae said...

can I just ask why? why would anyone do that? That is just such an ugly combo. Why?

Adiel said...

Let's just say unfortunately there is a lot of crappy fashion in Utah. I guess get used to it. ;) I want the aa pocket skirts too!

So I just noticed that you're from Utah... me too! Exchange links?