20 September 2009

well, I like it

I have been looking forward to Anna Sui/Target since I heard about it. When the rumor went around that the line was canceled due to Target not wanting to endorse Gossip Girl, I panicked. Luckily the line came out on September 13 as promised. I loved almost everything when I went to Target and spent about an hour in the dressing room...

This "metallic feathers" dress is so cool. My only dilemma- where on earth would I wear it? The body is a tweed, the cut is revealing, and the neck-embellishments are fancy.

I love the back.

I was hoping I could throw on a blazer to make it work-appropriate, but, uh, no.

The only other disappointment came in the cream-lace "Blair" dress that I loved so much in the pictures. It looks really cute from the front, and the details are great.

Unfortch, it was a potato sack from the side. A belt would ruin the look. I wish it would have been just a bit more tailored, and I would have been really tempted to drop $70 on it...

I was really impressed with the details in most of this collection. Maybe the detailing had something to do with the wayyyy higher-than-average-Target-price points. I ended up leaving with 2 dresses; one "Blair" and one "Jenny". I could have bought a lot more. I will style them later this week!

08 September 2009

new favorite couple?

maybe? they are just both so beautiful.