05 May 2009

MET gala

I am at day 14/16 of studying for final exams. So, I am burned out to say the least (even though I'm incredibly excited to be DONE DONE DONE with 1L!!!). I have been resting my brain by browsing pictures of the Met Costume Institute Gala. I really hate the concept of best/worst lists, they are so arbitrary and stupid. I always find myself loving looks that end up on the "worst" lists. Like today.

I love this lace jumpsuit, designed by her. Where could I ever wear something like this? Bummer.

So vibrant, love the sleeves & detail on the leggings. Just don't look at the heels of those shoes...these gothic-heeled Louis Vuitton popped up on a few girls...like Madonna' atrocious thigh-highs. I can't look at a flared-heel shoe without thinking goth girl.

Then there were my 2 on the "best" lists: my favorite Kates, both wearing Stella.

So beautiful.
Back to the brain-melting studying ughghhhh. *Just telling myself if I do well, I might be able to afford a sweet lace jumpsuit someday*


skinnyrunner.com said...

need to know more details about chuck wicks!!

ashley said...

wow they look great! don't you wish you had some extravagant event to go to so that you could dress up like that?

Montse said...

Both Kates were really beautiful.
Nice blog :)

Annie said...

ditto the both kates comment - although the moss let us all down i felt... but anyways, onto more pressing matters. I HATE when I read some trashy magazines (relaxation) and I see couture in worst-dressed lists with some bitchy comments... makes me want to fucking kill them