23 April 2007


Some fashionistas get their inspiration from lookbooks, some from the runways, some from celebrities. I look to all these places, but I am especially inspired by a certain series of tween novels. Yes, one of my guilty pleasures is the Gossip Girl series. My younger sister got me hooked on them when they first came out, and I have waited impatiently for each new release. Even though the main characters are 17/18, their lifestyles are enviable...especially their clothes! They talk about their DVF dresses, Tod's and Marc Jacobs shoes, Pucci bikinis, Chanel bags, Milly and Chloe shirts, Tory Burch tunics. Their teenage lives are much more glamorous than any life I'll have- drinking Stoli and Dom Perignon at the Chelsea Hotel probably isn't in my near future. I will just have to sit around and read about the gorgeous, fictional high schoolers that I not-so-secretly envy.


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