11 April 2007


While many of you are out enjoying your new spring dresses, flats, sandals, and flowy tops, I am stuck in a sub-zero office watching SNOW fall in the middle of April. I have been wearing the same sweaters over and over for the past few months, because a Florida girl like me just hasn't invested much in wool (or anything long-sleeved for that matter). I shop online whenever I have downtime at work, because the mall here just doesn't cut it. The most chic store they have is the Gap, and they are hyping up the grand opening of their newest store...Wet Seal (ummm...?) Needless to say, I don't go there often. At work, I was mourning the loss of my shopping trips to Sephora, only to hear the 2 other secretaries say "Sephora? What's that?"

Where am I!?

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