21 April 2007

I'm not an Anya Hindmarch.

When the Anya Hindmarch hype started, I was all about it too. I am really into environmental issues...and fashion, of course. Combine the two and I am one happy shopper.
Now that everyone and their mom has blogged about this bag, I am getting around to it! I still love the bag, but now that it is going to be sold at Whole Foods, does that make it any less special or desirable?
anya hindmarch
I may still try to snag one, but in case it doesn't work out, here are some more great, fashionable, and earth friendly shopping bags. Don't you know that being green is so in this summer?

target toteflocked shopper urbnaerie totef21 toteloft madrasarmagansett tote

All of our favorite stores are jumping all over this trend. You can find a cute, affordable, earth friendly shopping bag anywhere you shop! I'll see you with yours at the checkout line.

from top, l to r: target, urban outfitters, ae, forever 21, ann taylor loft, j. crew

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