25 April 2007

summer dressin'

I have been pretty, well, preoccupied as of late, trying to find a new job and coordinate a cross-country move with myself, that man I live with, and a little brown dog. This is a good preoccupation, and I am very excited, it just hasn't left me the time to transform this fledgling blog into the witty, glamorous, popular blog it otherwise would have been. Right.
I know there are a lot of bad things to be said about living in Florida, the constant throng of tourists being one of them. But you can pretend you're always on vacation (at least on weekends), hop over to the beach for a day, or sneak into a fancy hotel's swimming pool. And you don't ever have to worry about bundling up (except for those couple weeks in January when it dips into the dangerously low 50's). As I am planning my move back to the Sunshine State, I can't help but think of what I'm going to wear. Anthropologie has answered my question with a few new dresses (under $200) that I can't help but love.

Oh, how I love Tory Burch. Oh, how I hate high prices. This dress (they call it the Billie Tunic) echoes Tory but is more affordable. Whether you wear it over jeans or with bare legs and strappy sandals, this print is chic enough that your accessories can be simple.

The Topographic Dress just oozes summer comfort. After a day sunning by the pool (that you may or may not have snuck into), throw this dress on with some flats & a headwrap and look like a relaxed vacationer out for drinks.

The Berry Bowl dress by Anna Sui has such a beautiful color of red. You could literally do anything or go anywhere in this dress with the right accessorizing.

This perfect LWD is is on sale for only $60. Again, I love a dress that is so versatile. I'd get a lot of use out of this one.

Now if only I can convince myself to wait til next week, when I am actually inside an Anthropologie store.

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Couture Bowl said...

I love the Topographic dress! I am on such an Anthropologie kick right now...well browsing the website that is. :)