14 April 2007

oh no!

A girl's worst shopping nightmare, and it happens to me all the time. You plan, and save money, and arrange your current wardrobe to make a special purchase, only to find that your coveted item has been sold out! I went to buy the yellow boots at anthropologie, and yep, all gone. Can I stress again that This Happens To Me all. the. time. Maybe I am too reasonable; this is sign that I need more impulse buys, no?

Here is one purchase, however, that I have (sadly) talked myself out of.
alice & olivia

the alice + olivia sequin dress. I have wanted it so badly, but I have to think- for $440, will it even be in style and wearable next year? Since I don't live near an H&M (to get a Madonna sequin dress) and they don't sell online, I haven't found a cheaper version yet. Forever21, I'm waiting!

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