16 April 2007

shoe of the day: the search for a summer boot

Although it is still getting down in the 20's at night here where I live, I definitely have summer on my mind. I think I have dreamed about the beach almost every night lately. I know many fashionable people think that it is much easier to be stylish in the winter, when you can pile on boots, cute coats, trousers, and scarves. I happen to love summer style and it always lifts my mood a little to see the first sundresses of the year on magazine pages. I love the simplicity of summer fashion, and you can finally wear layers for their look and not for their utility. You can wear dresses and skirts and not worry about freezing cold legs. Anyway, I have been looking for some boots to wear for this summer. After my perfect pair disappeared from anthropologie (promise, this is the last time I mention them!), I have been on the hunt. Here is what I've found so far.

First off, summer is the perfect time for ankle boots.
jeffery campbell
this Jeffrey Campbell pair hits all the summer trends: bootie, mod, and yellow. Perfect with a pencil skirt or a shift dress. Is it obvious yet that I have a thing for shoes with bows??

a year-round staple, Frye boots are especially appropriate in summer.
With dresses so in right now, nothing balances out a pretty, girly dress like these Engineer boots. I like this style because they are a little shorter (no hot, suffocated calves) and brown shoes go great with warm-weather clothes.

I am so happy that Wellies are in style right now. They look great on the sartorialist and on j.crew.


I want some because summers are so rainy where I live, and I hate walking around in wet sandals. They can add some color to any casual outfit whether it be slim jeans or patterned shorts.

Here is another pair I can see myself wearing year-round.

leather cutout

Again, great with dresses but even more versatile than the Fryes. If these ever come back into stock in my size, they will be mine!

shoes 1-2 from zappos.com, 3-4 from urbn.com


Couture Bowl said...

Stumbled upon your blog via Closet Therapy. Really enjoyed checking it out! Would you like to link exchange?

dina said...

great boots! I too love my favorite josef seibel boots...