12 April 2007

finding inspiration

Fashion inspiration is hard to find around here. During tax season I am in the office 10 hours a day with some of the most unstylish people on earth. Employee A is a lady who, on a daily basis, wears carpenter style chinos about 2 inches too short, white crew socks and skechers or hiking boots. The only other twenty-something girl in the office, Employee B, also wears skechers daily but adds polarfleece on the top. An otherwise cute Employee C has a great body but covers it with calf-length denim skirts, white opaque tights with an ankle bracelet over the top, and the ever present skechers. And today Employee D wore a strange, tapered incarnation of purple Hammer Pants with a purple sweater. Maybe this is why I go into withdrawal if I don't log onto a fashion website every hour at work.

This is not the only way the internet has saved my sanity; if I could not shop online, I'd be decked out in Vanity and Sears.

I have lived here in Idaho for about 8 months now, and I have to admit that moving here has sparked my deep love of fashion. I have always been interested in clothes, and even considered design school because I love making clothes & accessories. But being in this fashion vacuum has really made me realize how much I love the art of clothing & styling. I try to find inspiration everywhere...well, everywhere except my office.

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