13 September 2008

shoe of the day

Today is shoe of the day-- budget version! A girl in my class (from AZ) and I were lamenting our lack of cold-weather appropriate footwear for the upcoming winter. We both come from climates where little flats and some heeled sandals will do you good all year long. Last February on my trip to Idaho & Utah, I attempted to wear my flats in a blizzard. I guess I figured if they were closed-toe, I would be fine. Wrong! My shoes got soaked through (not to mention the uncovered tops of my feet) in minutes. So I have been searching for some (VERY) budget-friendly/cold friendly shoes. I found today's pair here from Target.

It's really hard to find boots on a budget, but I think retailers are doing a better and better job of putting some affordable and not TOTALLY chintzy options out there. For only $34.99, these might do the trick.

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Adiel said...

Oh, I like these! Maybe I'll have to get a pair for me!
Also, I just bought two pairs of boots from gojane.com for about $60 bucks. Not bad, right? You should check out their selection.