15 September 2008

I love loeffler

So, I got those boots. My local Target had them in stock, so I didn't have to order online and fret about the quality after I had already parted with my precious, precious $34.99 (+tax). The quality isn't top-notch, duh, but they really don't look bad in person. I tried them on, looked in the mirror, and chanted "Until I can afford Loeffler...until I can afford Loeffler..."

Yes, they look kinda like a poor man's (woman's) version of Loeffler Randall's gorgey half-wedge boots. I'm sure Jessie Randall wouldn't mind, right? She did a collabo with Target earlier this year. For now I'm a Target girl, but my eye's on the prize...

Just swooning:

All can be found here at Shopbop.

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Adiel said...

Oh yes, those are lovely boots. *sigh*